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AAMC application: If you are a medical aspirant and wish to apply to any medical school in the United States, you will have to use the centralized application processing service called the American Medical College Application Service (AAMC).

AAMCAS application form timeline fee

AAMC application Requirements

Application requirements are many and vary from one medical college to another. An aspirant aspiring should have completed the basic science requirements like completion of the basic science course works and laboratories.

They should have the following-

  • Two semesters should be completed with general biology and labs for 8 credit hours.
  • General chemistry needs to be completed for 8 credit hours.
  • One-semester work of organic chemistry with labs for 4-5 credit hours should be done.
  • Biochemistry should be completed for a 1-semester survey course with a higher division content and level for 3 or 4 credit hours.
  • Physics should be done for 2 semesters alongwith 8 credit hours including labs.
  • Minimum of three recommendation letters is required by them.
  • Additionally, personal qualifications, academic records, essays, and letters of recommendation must be filled in for the interview process.

How to fill out the AAMCAS application

The application is a huge process and takes a lot of time so you might have to take one step at a time.

  • Include all the coursework information.
  • Repeated courses and every other coursework information should be entered in a sequence.
  • Refrain from mentioning coursework twice in your application form.
  • AMCAS would make corrections to your application wherever mandatory.
  • If you were in the military services while you were taking the course, make sure you mention a joint service transcript.
  • Coursework must be entered in the English language only.
  • If your school enters a grading system that is different from the rest, you are advised to enter it exactly as it is given in your transcript, the AMCAS application reviewers would do the appropriate transitions.
  • Read the instruction manual and review the transcript receipt form, click on the submit button.

AAMC application timeline & deadline

The deadline is 2nd August at 11:59 pm ET.

AAMC application status

After putting your application forth, you must keep a track of your application status. It is important to keep verifying that AMCAS receives all the documents submitted by you alongside your application. If the designated medical school does not receive your application material within two to four weeks from the time AMCAS completes processing your application, then it is your duty to intimate AMCAS about the same.

– Toggle through the below steps to learn how you can keep a track of the application.

– Visit the main Menu.

– From there choose the View Application status history.

– Review your AMCAS status every 24 hours a day or seven days a week.


How to submit an AAMC application?

AAMC application can be submitted online simply by clicking on the Submit button after candidates ensure they have filled up all the sections correctly.

How long does it take for AAMC to verify the application?

The verification process for AAMC will take up to 8-weeks’ time. The process begins only after all the documents are submitted.

AAMC application cost/fee

The primary application fee is $170 for your first school and $41 for each additional school thereafter

Many medical schools also require a secondary fee which varies and costs differently for different schools.

A small transmittance fee is also to be paid for transcribing your college registrars and letters of recommendation.

AAMC application form

AMCAS collects your information, verifies it and delivers the same information with your MCAT scores to the medical schools you choose to apply to.

Admissions are not under the jurisdiction of AMCAS and are decided by the medical schools separately. AMCAS fees change every year. All you have to do is check their requirements, collect their requirements and then fill up their form after paying up the medical school fees.

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