Apply for application [2022] Know Requirements & Benefits

What is application?

The Emergency Broadband Program (EBP) is replaced by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and is a Federal Communication Commission program (FCCP). The program aims to help low-income groups with aid for internet services and also with the number of devices connected.

Eligible households can receive a certain discount on the internet charges in this way. If you want to receive the advantages, you must apply for their benefits.

How to apply for application?

First, you will need to confirm if you qualify for it. Click on the link here to confirm your eligibility and based on these three factors, you will be given these benefits.

  • Your household income
  • If you are a participant of any government assistance program like SNAP, Medicaid, or even WIC.
  • When your child receives a lifeline benefit already
  • As you qualify, press on the Apply Now tab to complete the online application process.
  • Alternatively, you could also take a print-out of the application, fill it out manually.
  • You can also contact your participating provider to choose a plan and ask them to apply the discounted price to your bill.
  1. While scrolling down, the application form appears where you can fill-in your complete legal name, birth date, identity verification, home address.
  2. Your identity verification can be done with your SSN, tribal ID number or Driver’s License, military, passport, or any other government ID number.
  3. 3. Also mention in the form if you qualify for the scheme all by yourself or through your child or dependent.
Affordable Connectivity Program
ACP benefits
ACP requirements
ACP eligibility

Once you have filled the first page, click to move to the next page. Fill in the required rest of the information and click on the Submit tab to complete the application online.

What are application requirements?

ACP legitimacy

There are several application requirements that one must fulfill to apply for the ACP benefits.

  1. Your household income will be considered.
  2. If your child’s maintenance is dependent on any government assistance program like SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or any other such assistance programs, you are considered eligible.
  3. If you or your child is already registered under the lifeline benefit program.

Who is eligible?

The eligibility of an individual in this program is impacted by these points.

  1. You must have an income level that is 200 times below the Federal acceptable limits.
  2. If you were part of the National Lunch Program or School Breakfast program and even USDA community eligibility provisions.
  3. You received a Federal Pell grant in recent years.
  4. If you participate in Tribal-specific programs like Tribal TANF, Food Distribution, and General Assistance.


The benefits one can derive from this program are being depicted in the chart below.

Normal internet service discount$30
Internet service discount on tribal lands$75
A one-time discount for devices$100 (more than $10 copayments less than $50)

You can receive the concession and can spend less towards the bills thereby reducing your bill burden.

Is legit

Since the funds are rendered by the Federal government resources, thus, you can easily trust them as a legitimate payout source. Therefore, applying for these funds when in need is not going to be counted as illegitimate in any way.


If you are in dire need of the ACP Benefits, and your eligibility requirements are met, you can apply for them by filling up their application form. Currently, they are not open to applications but when they are, you can apply accordingly.


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