American Eagle Credit Card: How to apply? increase Limit, Check status

When you are a shopaholic and love to stick to a specific brand, then retail credit cards are a great tool for you. The American Eagle Credit cards are also retail card that helps American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) make incredible savings while buying from a specific brand. To know, stay tuned!

What is the American Eagle Credit Card?

The American Eagle Outfitters and the Aerie store visitors can have the American eagle credit card, which offers them discounts at the in-store and online purchases in With every dollar spent, they get total rewards of 15x points, free shipping, and discounts for their future purchases. 

The AE shoppers will have two credit cards, from which they can select one. Those are the: 

  • AEO Connected® credit card usually acts as a store card. 
  • AEO Connected ® Visa ® Credit Card, which works at any place where the visa is accepted. It is only if you use the card in a foreign land that you have to pay the annual 3% foreign transaction fee.
american eagle credit card

How to apply for the American Eagle Credit Card Application?

For applying the American Eagle Credit card application, stepwise follow the procedure:

Step 1. Tap here to visit the application page. After the page gets loaded, it will ask you the card type you want to apply for. Choose one between them. That is you would be asked in between:

  • Standard AEO credit card or
  • AEO visa card. 

Step 2. Input your details in the blank boxes. They will ask you for

  • First and last name of the applicant. 
  • Address, city, and zip code. 
  • State you are from. 
  • Primary and additional phone numbers. As well as the type of phone number. 

Step 3. Continue entering the email address. Then tick the checkbox asking if you give your consent to receiving emails from SYNCB and AEO.Inc.

Step 4. Input your address as well as your annual net income summing up all sources. 

Step 5. For your identity verification, enter your birth date, SST/ITIN, and the mother’s maiden name. 

Step 6. Read the terms and conditions for the AE credit card. If agreed, then tap on accept and submit. 

And based on the shared information, your application process will get reviewed as well as finalized by Synchrony bank. 

What are application Requirements?

The basic application requirements for successfully opting for the AE credit card and AE credit card visa are: 

  • The applicant must be at least 18 or above years of age. 
  • Should possess the U.S social security number. 
  • A resident of the USA.

How to get approved for American eagle credit card?

If you are a resident of the United States and above 18 years old, then chances are that you would get approved for the American Eagle credit card. However, further, you have to make sure the following criteria: 

  • You should have a stable income to make monthly payments. And for that, you have to show documents before getting approved. 
  • You must have a permanent residential address. 
  • For the visa version, you should have a credit score of 700+ while for the standard AEO card, a score of 640+ would be fair enough.

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How to check American eagle credit card application status?

The most convenient way for knowing the Card status is by contacting Synchrony Bank. The phone number is 877-295-2080. Call the number during working hours and know the card status. 

How to increase American eagle credit card limit?

There are three ways of increasing the credit card limit. First, you can apply online by visiting the site and chatting with the team. Secondly, you can apply for a new credit card by following the above process. 

And thirdly, call Synchrony bank at 877-295-2080 or 1-877-379-8173 to increase the AE credit card limit. Other than that, you also have to qualify for the hard pull associated with the result of increasing the card limit. 


What credit score is needed for American eagle credit card?

Answer – A credit score of 650-700+ is preferable for getting approved for the American Eagle credit card. 

Is an American eagle credit card worth it?

Answer- The AE credit card is only worthwhile when you are a loyal buyer for the American Eagle brand. Besides, it also depends on your income to decide the usefulness of the AE credit cards. 

Does American eagle credit card have annual fee?

Answer- If you are using the card in a foreign land, then it charges 3% of the transaction fee. But otherwise, the AEO connected credit card is exempted from additional fees. 

What bank issues American eagle credit card?

Answer- Synchrony bank issues AEO cards based on the received online applications. 


Both standard American Eagle Credit Card and AE visa credit card give huge reward points and discounts to their users. But to become eligible for it, first, ensure that you have a stable monthly income. 


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