How to Apply for ANZ Credit Card application Online?

The ANZ credit cards offer some of the best offers and rewards. You can use their credit cards in millions of locations all across the world and make credit cards available at low rates. Credit cards offer you complete information about what you need and maintain complete transparency with their customers.

There are four different ranges of credit cards from ANZ and they are-

  • Reward point offering credit card
  • Credit cards that offer a low fee
  • Qantas offering credit card
  • Credit cards that offer a low interest rate

Additionally, they also offer a product selector tool where you can enter your needs and preferences. If you are looking at getting the right credit card from them, go to this product selector tool and determine the best credit card for your requirements.

Since there are different varieties of credit cards representing a group, if you want to read about the fees of a certain card type, you must get back to their website.

Rewards cardsLow Annual Fee cardsLow Interest Rate cardFrequent Flyer cards
ANZ Low Rate  ANZ First  ANZ Rewards Black  ANZ Frequent Flyer  
 ANZ Platinum  ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures  ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum  
  ANZ Rewards Platinum  ANZ Frequent Flyer Black  
  ANZ Rewards   

How to Apply for ANZ Credit Card Application?

If you wish to apply for an ANZ credit card, here is what you can do for yourself.

  • Go online by clicking on the given link and answer a couple of questions to start with your application process. For convenience’s sake, we show you a particular card type.
  • If you know the credit card range you want, you must click on that particular category of credit cards.
  • Answer the questions asked and you will receive a credit card suggestion. If you are happy with the fee structures and reward rates, go ahead and click on the Continue tab to continue into the application.
ANZ credit card
ANZ credit card online
  • After you click on the Continue tab, it will take you to a new page where you will need to mention if you are a new or an existing customer.
credit card apply ANZ
  • Click on the new applicant or existing customer tab to start the application process. Add your details including personal, business, and economic details.
personal information ANZ
Address ANZ
Extra detail ANZ
Tax residency ANZ
  • After filling up the information in these segments, you must click on the Continue tab to make progress. Submit the application form once you have completed it.

What are Application Requirements?

The documentation requirements vary from an Australian to a non-Australian citizen.

For Australian citizens, the following application requirements must be fulfilled.

  1. You must be a full-time or part-time PAYG employee and if so, you must provide bank statements or payment slips for the last three months.
  2. Casual employees should provide a 6-month salary slip.
  3. Self-employed individuals must bring out their profit and loss statements and balance sheets not before 18 months or their tax returns if they operate as a group.
  4. If you are a pensioner or government benefiting agent you must provide the Centrelink statement or letter from the last 30 days.
  5. Overseas pensioners can try for their overseas pension statement for the last 30 days.
  6. Produce any other income details also.

If you are a non-Australian permanent resident, go for the following documents.

  1. When on a working VISA your VISA must at least have 9 remainder months.
  2. Provide a recent employment contract copy.
  3. Include the passport photo page
  4. Australian VISA page and income proof as per the list.

When you are on a Business VISA, here’s what you need to submit.

  1. Provide your present employment contract copy.
  2. The photo page of your passport must be appended with the application.
  3. Income proof is provided in their lists.
  4. Visa page confirmation.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible if you qualify the following conditions:

  1. Anyone who lives or works there as a permanent resident on a Business or Working VISA can apply for the credit cards.
  2. One needs to be mandatorily 18 years and older.
  3. You should have a government ID or some other type of photo identification card.
  4. The credit card application will ask for a valid phone number, email, and also mailing address.

How to check ANZ credit card application status?

The application takes four working days from the time it is submitted to the time it is reviewed. Check back only after 4 working days with them by calling their 24/7 helpline number 1800 1559.

Customer Care Number

Call 0800 269 296 if you are in Australia and you must call +64 4 470 3142 if you are making an overseas call.


ANZ credit card application involves identifying the right credit card type and ranging from a pool of credit cards. To be able to judge about the right credit card type, you must read about them here.


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