Application to President of Municipal Committee for scholarship

Today I will tell you How to write an Application to President of Municipal Committee for the scholarship to enable you to join a college. If you can’t afford money for your studies you can write this letter to the municipal committee for scholarship. This type of letter is also asked in the exams to the students. I hope this letter will be useful for you.

So, let’s start the letter

Application to President of Municipal

Application to the President of the Municipal Committee for a scholarship

60, Main Bazaar,

5th October, 2021

The President,
The Municipal Committee,


Most respectfully, I beg to apply for the grant of a scholarship, to enable me to continue my studies at the Government Polytechnic, Nagaland. This year I appeared in Hr. Sec. Part-II Examination from National High School, Guwahati. I passed in the First Division, securing 690 marks and also standing first in the District.

I come from a respectable family. My father is a retired soldier. He served in the Indian Army and had a good service record. He is a poor man and has a large family to support. In fact, he can hardly afford to send me to a college. I, therefore, beg to apply for a scholarship to enable me to continue my studies in a Technological Institute and I also beg to enclose herewith copies of the testimonials from my principal and professors.

I hope that my application will receive the most sympathetic consideration at your hands.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,

This is all about writing an Application to President of Municipal Committee. Hope you liked it.

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