Application to Principal of college complaining about hostel food

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Today, I will teach you how to write Application to Principal of college complaining about hostel food. In this Application a student is complaining to the principal of his/her college about the inferior quality of food being supplied at the college hostel. This application may also be helpful for you.

So, Let’s start the Application

Application to Principal of college complaining about hostel food


The Principal,

Govt. Degree College,




I am the proctor of the college hostel and am writing this complaint on behalf of all the boarders. I regret to inform you that the food that is served in the hostel is most unsatisfactory. No doubt, there is a kitchen committee whose duty is to look to the quality of food, but the mess manager is more than a match for the members of the committee. He is a first class cheat.

For your information pure milk and curds are never served in the hostel. There is the Govt. dairy Where pure milk is easily available. But the mess manager purchases if from the Gujjars who are notorious for diluting milk with water.

The tale of the cooked food is no better. Moreover, the vegetables which are cooked are often stale and rotten. What is worse they are cooked in oil. Most of the boarders, therefore, suffer from cough and bad throat.

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The wheat flour and rice which are bought by the manager are generally of the inferior quality. These are mixtures of many things including dust and minute pieces of stone. The chapaties prepared out of this flour are often black and rough also. It becomes difficult to take them. In addition, the rice which is prepared in the hostel kitchen is of very low quality. It is neither appealing to the eye nor appetizing to the taste. Very often the boarders suffer from dysentery or other stomach disorders.

It is long time that the things were set right by improving the quality of the food served in the hostel. The manager should be taken to task. He should be warned to supply fresh vegetables, pure ghee as well as milk. If things are allowed to go on as at present, I am afraid it would tell upon the health of the boarders.

Kindly pay a visit to the hostel at an early date and see things for yourself.


Thanking you in anticipation,


Yours obediently,

Ghulam Mohd.



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