How to apply for Blue Acorn PPP Loan Application? Reviews | Phone Number

How to check Blue Acorn PPP Loan application status?

The loan is handled on a first-come-first-served basis. The loan period is extended till 31st March 2021.

After filling the application, users can easily check for the loan status within 24 hours of application.

To check the online PPP Blue Acorn application status, users have to log in to their Blue Acorn site. Fill in their username and password

Once you have logged in, users need to go to their PPP application site and need to click on the status of their application.

How to check blue Acorn PPP application status

Apply for Blue Acorn PPP Loan?

Most small businesses do not realise that they qualify for forgiveness of PPP loans when the money is spent on wages, benefits and utilities.

There are no fees for application. For loans below $100,000 applicants would not require any personal guarantee, collateral or credit checks, and do not even need to undergo criminal checks.

PPP Round 2 got approved in December 2020 and has newer rules. More money has been planned for small businesses and self-employed people as opposed to PPP Round 1 when most of the money was channelized to big corporates.

With Blue Acorn, one can have three benefits when filing for loans or PPP loan forgiveness.

– The application process takes only 5-10 minutes as opposed to more than 45 minutes for other banks.

– Loan approval time takes just 1-2 days when compared to more than two weeks with other big banks.

– SBA funds get directly transferred to the given bank account number within 9-14 days from application.

Blue Acorn has a specially designed 60-second quiz that will let you know;

  1. – If you would qualify for the loan?
  2. – How much loan money can be sanctioned to you?
  3. – If 100% of your loan can be forgiven

Once you have taken the quiz and found yourself to be eligible for the loan, submit the application by filling up some information needed to be given to SBA. Most self-employed people will need to 

– Submit a 1084 tax return or

– 1099 INT form.

– Apart from that you need to also submit a copy of your driver’s license.

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To apply to the Blue Acorn PPP Loan, follow the given steps below.

– Go to the Blue Acorn official site.

– Sign in with your registered email address

– Answer questions that the company asks you to answer.

– Upload all the important, essential and required documents.

– Once users press the Submit button, Blue Acorn will send the paper works to the bank.

BlueAcorn PPP Loan Application Reviews

Blue Acorn PPP loan reviews are good and many people have benefitted by filing for loans from their site.

 BlueAcorn PPP Phone number

There is no available Blue Acorn PPP number. However, they have a contact form and a complete mailing address apart from an email ID which helps users connect easily.

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