How to apply for Fssai License? check Fssai License Number Online

Procedure For Obtaining FSSAI License Most Efficiently

FSSAI License is a mandatory requirement if you want to conduct a food business in India. Here are the detailed steps about how to get this license without any obstacles. Follow them to start your venture right away. 

What is a fssai license?

check Fssai License Number
  • FSSAI license refers to a valid certificate conforming rights on a business person to deal in food and beverages in India. 
  • The authority behind this is The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. 
  • This license is essential to ensure the quality of the food items and that there is security for these foods. 

How to get a fssai license?

  • The FSSAI license is available by submitting the requisite form online
  • Go for the FoSCoS portal and apply for the license
  • The license will come only after applying for it online

How to apply for a fssai license?

You can apply for the FSSAI license by following the undermentioned steps;-

  • Complete the whole form of Form B
  • The proprietor or any partner must sign this form
  • The blueprint of the concerned area of business is necessary for the FSSAI application
  • It is important to mention the contact details of the owner(s). 
  • The address proof, as well as the photo, must belong to the Government of India 
  • Finally, after entering all the particulars, you need to pay the concerned fees
  • Generally, it takes around seven days to get the license
  • However, nowadays, with the special online procedure, you can even get it within one day. 

How to check the fssai license number online?

  • The FSSAI license number comprises 14 digits. 
  • To check the number, you have to visit the official portal of FSSAI.
  • Open the tracking page and give your registration or license number.
  • On entering an invalid number, you will get an error message on the screen.
  • You will now see all the details of the FSSAI license on the website.
  • The information you can see displayed here is the expiration date, type of products, business status, company name, and address.

How much cost of the fssai license?

  • For all the general food suppliers like caterers, restaurants, and others, the cost for the FSSAI license is Rs.2,000/-
  • For the milk products and other items below 1MT, the fee is Rs.3,000/- to the Government

How much fee for fssai registration?

  • For basic registration, the fee for the FSSAI license is Rs.100/-.
  • However, the government fee is over and above these basic registration fees
  • The applicable fee may vary between Rs.2000/- and Rs.5000/-. 

How to apply for a fssai certificate in Tamil Nadu online?

  • Know the eligibility criteria for the FSSAI certificate in Tamil Nadu
  • Now you can opt for the license type, whether for a state, central or basic license
  • For Tamil Nadu, you need to specify the state name in the specific space
  • It is important to enter the details of the products on the page for registration
  • Fill up the form with complete particulars as asked by the portal
  • Upload the required documents, along with your signature and recent photograph
  • Pay the applicable fees to complete the entire process

Thus, it is not at all complicated to apply for the FSSAI license. Just follow the steps and go ahead.


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