How to apply for Genesis Credit Card Online Step by Step Guide?

What is Genesis credit card?

Genesis credit card is a tag of Genesis Financial Solutions and they specialize in financing those consumers. It works best for those consumers who face rejection from the prime money lenders for different reasons. Genesis focuses on understanding the fact that even among the ones rejected, some potential candidates deserve credit despite being disqualified by other money lenders due to their strict scrutiny procedures.

These close to perfect consumers always demand a near-perfect credit solution and that is what Genesis hands over to these customers. In 2011, the Genesis credit brand was created to pull people out of the 2008 recession. It was a time when potential money lenders were refusing a loan to consumers on the basis of fulfillment of different credit needs set in place by the money lenders.

They continued with the same tradition and today, they are meeting a lot of needs. To apply for a Genesis credit card online, you must complete their application form using the process mentioned below.

How to apply for Genesis Credit Card Online?

They have three different master cards that include the Destiny Mastercard, Indigo Platinum Mastercard, and Milestone Gold Mastercard. For obtaining these credit cards, you need to either pre-qualify or receive a mail offer for the same.

All three credit cards have a pre-qualification procedure, and to pre-qualify, you must do the following;

Step 1: Press the given link and confirm the credit card pre-qualification step.

For Destiny credit card press the following link: Official site

Genesis credit card

For Milestone credit card, use the given link: Visit Here

To use the Indigo credit card, complete the link as here: Check Now

Step 2: Fill in the required details in the given segments and complete the application form.

Genesis credit card

Step 3: Add your name, address, email ID, phone number, birth date and also your social security number.

After filling up the form, click on the pre-qualify now tab to check your qualification.

Once you pre-qualify, you will have to fill an application for taking the credit card. Your personal, financial and your debt details must go in.


Several requirements to address before filing the application form.

  1. The credit card requires one to be 18 years and above in age and in some states, it can go up to 19 years as well.
  2. One needs to have an SSN (social security number) or ITIN.
  3. You must have a valid email ID and phone number in your name to get the credit card.
  4. A valid home address with an FPO/APO is a must.
  5. Your income details will have to be provided.
  6. They accept credit scores that range from low to below average.

Annual Fees

The annual fee varies from one Genesis credit card to another.

  1. The annual fee for Destiny Mastercard is $59-$99.
  2. For Milestone Mastercard is $35-$99.
  3. With Indigo Platinum Mastercard, the annual fee is $0-$99.

Credit Limit

The credit cardholder’s creditworthiness is the basis of setting the credit limit for the Genesis credit card for that particular individual.


There are several benefits of Genesis credit cards.

If you are having the Destiny Mastercard, Milestone gold Mastercard, Indigo Platinum Mastercard, these are the benefits you can avail of;

  1. The credit card receives permission across the nations and one can use it therefore anywhere.
  2. The credit report generated goes to all three credit bureaus.
  3. There is no security deposit for acquiring this credit card.

Where can you use Genesis credit card?

All three Genesis credit cards can be used anywhere and everywhere starting from online to offline stores. All three are Mastercard and can be used wherever Mastercard are accepted.

Is Genesis credit card legit?

Yes, the Genesis credit card is legitimate and can be used everywhere. The credit scores vary considerably for these credit cards and are most sought after by those who get rejected by other credit givers due to their credit scores.


Read this blog thoroughly if you are planning to apply for the Genesis credit card. With these credit cards, you can improve your credit scores as all these credit cards reports to the major credit bureaus.


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