How to Apply for Meijer Credit Card Online Step by Step Guide?


Meijer is a major store that helps sell wellness goods, brands, households, health care, pet care, and toys. Lifestyle, clothing, and even jewelry are sold by Meijer online and offline stores. But if you are a regular shopper, you can also try to take a credit card from them. A Meijer credit card will help immensely to shop all your necessities from the store and will get you what you want in no time.

With the help of the credit card, you just don’t shop well but you also profit better as you keep filling your wallet apart from your cart.

There are two credit cards- Meijer credit card and Mastercard.

You will get 10 cents off every gallon if you buy your gasoline from Meijer gas stations using the Meijer credit card. You get a $10 reward for every $750 and $10 off for your first in-store purchase with your credit card within 30 days of opening a Meijer account.

How to apply for Meijer Credit Card Online?

The Meijer credit card is possible to get if you can apply for it online. To apply for the credit card online you must use the following steps.

Step 1: Visit the given link to complete the application form.

credit card

Step 2: Click on the Apply online tab, and start the application process. On the first page, add your name details, email address, and phone.

credit card login

Step 3: Add your address in the next segment including the street address, city, state, and ZIP code.

online credit card apply

Step 4: Once your address is confirmed, you need to move on to the next screen. Here you need to fill in your payment, annual net income, birth date, and social security number.

apply Meijer credit card

Step 5: Review the complete application and then press the Submit tab.

credit card application

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What are application requirements?

There are different application requirements and they need to be addressed before applying for a credit card.

  1. A fair credit score is a requirement for applying.
  2. You must have an SSN (social security number) to apply.
  3. The applicant must be a US resident or a legal citizen of any of the states.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility criteria include the following;

  1. One must be 18 years old or above as per the requirements of the state to apply for the credit card.
  2. An applicant must have a US mailing address to submit a credit card application.
  3. When applying, you must have a fair credit score.

Annual Fees & Credit Limit?

There is no annual fee on the use of both the Meijer credit cards. The credit limit depends on the creditworthiness of every applicant who applies for a credit card.

Pros & Cons


  • Building credit is easy with the Meijer credit card.
  • With Meijer’s credit card, you can choose the Mastercard that can help you shop from other stores with benefits.
  • There is no annual fee for credit cards.


  • Watch out for the APR that is 24.99%.
  • You have a late fee.
  • There is a high credit score for securing a Meijer credit card.

What bank does Meijer credit card use?

Meijer credit card is issued by Citibank, N.A.

Where can I use Meijer credit card?

The general Meijer credit card can be used only in online and offline stores whereas the Mastercard can be used everywhere a Mastercard is accepted.


Here is a bit about the credit card. If you are a shopaholic who prefers shopping from Meijer, you can try their credit cards to make their shopping experience more effective and fun.


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