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What is the SBA restaurant revitalization fund application form?

Funding is being done to all the small business owners to cover the COVID-19 expenses and losses. SBA restaurant revitalization fund 2021 application is open from noon of 3rd May.

After the first 21 days, all the eligible applicants would be issued funds on a first come first serve basis. Preferences would be given to women in business and veterans. Socially disadvantaged and professionally compensated people would be prioritized.

The money allocated will need to be spent by 11th March 2023.

Apply SBA restaurant revitalization fund application form Grant Fund

SBA restaurant revitalization fund application requirements

  • Requirements include proving that 33% of the gross receipts come to the site from online public sales and those which opened in 2020 should have a plan to get 33% of the gross receipts from online public sales.
  • 2020 Federal return is preferable.
  • Completed and signed copy of SBA form 3172.
  • Filled and signed copy of IRS form 4506-T.
  • Any of the gross receipts show the expenses.

– IRS 1040 schedule C, or F.

– IRS Form 1065.

– Bank statements

– Profit or loss statements

– IRS form 1099-K. 

– Further documentation is required for inns and bakery or wineries.

How to apply SBA restaurant revitalization fund?

To apply go to or you can call them at 844.279.8898.

You can refer to the below example to know what all will be required to fill in the fields.

Application Form Sample

Once you fill in the form, submit the completed form or download and submit it physically.

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SBA restaurant revitalization fund grant application?

The grant is being given to all those small businesses who have suffered losses during the times of COVID-19 and those businesses which were opened in the year 2020 or were planned during this period.

SBA Grant Application portal

The portal timeline is open from 3rd May 2021 and restaurants, bakeries, bars, breweries, wineries, inns, caterers, food trucks and stands are eligible to apply to receive the grant.

The funding applies to 5 million dollars per location and would have to be less than 10 million dollars. The minimum amount decided is $1000.

How to log in SBA restaurant revitalization fund?

For the SBA restaurant revitalization fund, you will have to register with the website. 

– Fill in the​.

– It will take you to the registration page where you can either register to start the application or you can log in if you have already registered with it.

– You must put a username, email address, password and add the captcha.

– Verify your email address by clicking on the activation link sent to your email address whereby it asks you to confirm the email address.

– Next, you must confirm & verify your phone number.

– Next fill in the application form completely and add all the required documents to it.

SBA revitalization fund webinar?

For people who are into this business, a free webinar is being organized.

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