How to apply for Sheetz Credit Card Application Step by Step Guide?


Sheetz is a convenience store chain owned by a single family selling different convenience items to different people for more than 60 years. Regular customers with Sheetz get to avail themselves of a credit card issued by them. The Sheetz credit card has gained prominence among people living in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. It is a VISA card and works in gas stations, other utility stores, and any other place that accepts VISA credit cards. They have a handsome reward system and one requires knowing that every one dollar spent at the store can give them 5 points.

To enjoy the Sheetz discounts, offers, and rewards, you must apply for their credit card. Below we talk about the application process, eligibility requirements, and some other points for your convenience.

How to apply for Sheetz Credit Card Application?

The application process for Sheetz is easy and requires simple entry of essential information.

Step 1: Visit the link mentioned here to start the application process.

Sheetz credit card

Step 2: First begin by filling in your personal information that includes your name, email address, phone number, ZIP Code, and State.

Sheetz credit card apply

Step 3: In the next step, enter your current employer’s address, total annual income, monthly rent details, and details about the address.

online application

Step 4: In the next step, choose your social security number, birth date, and mother’s maiden name.

online credit card eligibility

Step 5: Review the entire information, agree to their conditions after reading them and then press the Submit tab to complete the application.

Sheetz annual fees

What are applications requirements?

To apply for a Sheetz VISA credit card, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. You must be 18 years or older and must be a major in your State.
  2. Applicants need to have a social security number of their own and a government-sponsored photo ID card.
  3. You need to have a complete US address which is not merely a PO Box address.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the credit card, you need to have;

  1. Your phone number and email address. This is where you receive orders, and also credit card details, gifts, and information pertaining to offers.
  2. They must have a credit score of 650 and above.
  3. The applicants must have a regular income for owing the credit card.

Annual Fees & Credit Limit?

There is no annual fee on the credit card.

The credit limit depends on your credit score and also your annual income and debt habits. Based on your creditworthiness, they will fix your credit limit on the credit card.


Several benefits that you can enjoy with the credit cardholders include;

  1. You can avail of a 6 cents discount when purchasing gas from them.
  2. You have two payment options- either pay completely or keep a balance from your purchases.
  3. The credit card is accepted across the nation in almost all places where a VISA credit card is accepted.
  4. The credit card offers added security with the Driver ID capture option available. It is optional and if you want to use extra protection, you can do so.
  5. You can report and keep a track of fleet expenses through the credit card online account.
  6. They assign 5 points for every one dollar in-Sheetz purchases and 1 point for all other non-Sheetz purchases.

Can you use a Sheetz credit card anywhere?

Yes, the Sheetz credit card can be accepted wherever a VISA credit card is accepted.

Is Sheetz credit card worth it?

Generally, for those who shop from Sheetz and pull out gas from their gas stations, the credit card is worth it. If you are in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Maryland you will benefit profusely from the credit card’s use. But, like many other credit cards, Sheetz credit card also has a high APR, hence it might not benefit those who regularly miss paying their credit card bills.


Sheetz is more than just any convenience store instead; it has its own essential space among the people of many places within the US. If you feel the Sheetz VISA credit card is for you, please do not hesitate to read the details from here.


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