Apply For Staples Credit Card Application Online [Step-by-Step Guide]

Staples works around Ink and Toners, print and marketing, schools, and supplies, printers and scanners, and also electronics. They deliver their products for free and have a wonderful credit card on the go.

  • If any purchase is made with them i.e. above $299 that will be paid over 12 months, then you have no interest or no payment to make.
  • If you have 90 days to pay, you must know that there is no interest, no admin fees, and no minimum purchase fees for the same.
  • If you make 12 monthly payments, you do not need to pay any interest on it. If you make 3 equal payments, you incur no interest and no minimum purchase options.

The Staples credit card application is instantaneously approved for those who are accepted for it. The credit card is free of interest and offers financing that allows you to split your payments to pay over a certain period. You can choose from a deferred or an equal monthly plan and with its financing facilities, you have an option to budget yourself without having to pay any interest.

Applying for a credit card requires one to either go online or in-stores.

How to apply for Staples Credit Card Application Online?

To apply for a credit card from Staples, you can apply online using these steps.

Step 1: Press on the link given here to move to the online application page.

Staples credit card

Step 2: Click on the Apply Now tab to start the application process.

Once you click it, you will reach the next section where you can start by choosing between a business account, and a personal consumer account.

Staples credit card apply

Step 3: Add your personal email address, name, phone number and your complete address.

Step 4: You can also enter your financial and employment information details in the Next section.

Step 5: Read all the detailed terms and conditions and then click the I Agree tab.

Staples More Account

Step 6: Once you agree, you can move on to the Submit tab and complete the application.

Staples Credit card application requirements

There are several requirements in place for getting the Staples credit card application.

  1. Your organization must be a business structure and must either be a corporation, a non-profit, or a government entity.
  2. You must be in business for three years or more.
  3. Your business must be able to show a sale of $5 million.
  4. You must submit your tax identification number for your business.

Who is Eligible?

The Staples More Account credit card is for business and any eligible business will need to submit the following for getting the Staples credit card.

  1. An SSN (social security number) is a must.
  2. Name of your legal business.
  3. The business structure must be added (which includes a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship).
  4. Your personal information includes your name and birth date.


  1. A $75 off bonus is given on orders that are above $150.
  2. There is special financing available for purchases that are of a larger amount.
  3. Online and store purchases have a flat rate of 5% in terms of rewards.
  4. If you are a business owner with a lower average credit have a greater chance of getting approved.


  1. The credit card has a very high APR of 29.99%.
  2. With the Staples credit card, you cannot build business credit easily.
  3. The credit card is an in-store credit card and works only in the online and offline stores of Staples.
  4. Redeemable rewards expire within one month.


What bank issues Staples credit card?

The Staples credit card is issued by Citibank and is backed by it all the time.

What credit score needed for Staples credit card?

A minimum of 640 credit scores is needed to apply for the Staples credit card. If you are a business with a less than average credit score, you can apply for a credit card and you might be approved as well.


If you want a credit card from Staples, you need to understand more about the credit card before applying for it. If there is some doubt regarding the credit card application process, you can clarify by reading this article thoroughly which precisely talks about the various parameters around the credit card application.


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