How to Apply for Toys “R”Us Credit Card Application Online [2022]?

What is Toys “R”Us credit card?

What started by selling furniture for children now sells retail toys across 850 US sites alongside 750 international outlets? It’s an extremely popular store and is quite well known for its innovative toys. When you are regularly shopping from them, even they would love to give back to you in the same way. Thus, they have a credit card offer for their consumers that can be used in-store as well as in their online franchise.

The credit card brings along different rewards, just not loved by people but they also fill your pockets satisfactorily.

If you want a Toys “R”Us credit card, you need to send an application their way. If they approve your application, you can easily start using the credit card to your benefit.

How to apply for Toys “R”Us credit card application?

Every single individual can apply for the Toys “R”Us credit card if they love shopping from these stores. Children specifically love these toys and if you want to gain from them while shopping for your children, do not hesitate to apply for these credit cards. Use the following steps to apply for the credit card.

Step 1: On the sign-in page, add your credentials to login.

Step 2: After logging in, click on the Apply Now tab denoted for the credit card beside its logo.

Toys “R”Us credit card

Step 3: Next, you must answer if you are a member of the various reward programs offered by them. If you are not, then specify the same by clicking on the tab that helps you enroll in a specific program and if you are, you can specify that too by clicking on the Yes option.

Toys “R”Us credit card apply

Step 4: In the next step, you must add your details to the application form like your name, address, birth date, age, and so on.

credit card online apply

Step 5: Keep adding information like your SSN, and other details into the given segments.

online credit card apply

Step 6: Read the terms and conditions which say that for every $100 unpaid at the end of the month, you must pay $1.66 as a fee to them. Click to agree with their terms and then press the Submit tab to complete the application process.

online application requirement

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What are application requirements?

Application requirements must satisfy the needs and regulations put forth by the store. If you do not qualify for the application requirements, it means you cannot apply for their credit card.

  1. You must have an SSN (social security number) and a government-issued photo identity card.
  2. As an applicant, you must be a major in your state and must qualify for your age and date of birth.
  3. You must not have any bankruptcy history.
  4. You must not have a delinquent account history ever on your records.

Who is eligible?

There are not many eligibility requirements, except the below four points.

  1. You must be a bonafide citizen of the country where you are applying for a credit card.
  2. As an applicant, you must have a net annual income and also a net monthly income.
  3. You must show your income from non-interest payable account sources as well.
  4. To get the credit card, your FICO score must be 620+ and above.

Annual Fees & Credit Limit?

There is no annual fee on the credit card so you need not pay anything for it.

The credit limit depends on your creditworthiness. If you are creditworthy, you will receive more bandwidth on your credit card otherwise, the credit amount on your credit card will be less.


Benefits for the credit card include;

1)If you will spend $1, you will receive 2 points for any purchase done either online or offline from Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us stores.

2) As it is a MasterCard, you can earn 1 point for every $4 spent elsewhere.

3) For every 125 reward points, you end up getting a $5 “R” Us reward dollar. 4) Every Thursday, you can get 10% off on in-store purchases made from any of their stores worldwide.

What bank is toys r us credit card?

Synchrony Bank issues the Toys “R”US credit card.

Can you use Toys r us credit card anywhere?

Yes, you can use the Toys “R”US credit card anywhere since it is a MasterCard. Thus, it is accepted anywhere and everywhere a MasterCard is accepted.


Here’s what you must know about the Toys “R”US MasterCard and if you think you want to avail of their saving schemes while shopping from them, read this blog for more.


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