How to Apply for Valero Credit Card Application Step by Step Guide?


Valero is another energy solution provider in your neighborhood. Valero creates products that focus on the everyday life and living needs of individuals. Valero thus brings a safe and reliable operation of fuel that is designed to be environmentally friendly. They have ethanol, refining, and renewable diesel segment.

If you believe in Valero, you must have a credit card from them. The credit card offers benefits that can save your money filling your pockets as required.

Your credit limit with GasCap will be stated in the monthly billing statement and with each full payment, your credit scores can improve massively. The annual percentage rate is 24.99% and is market based. The social security number and income, purchase and payment history as well as account transactions including one’s credit history is also to be assessed while making the credit card payments. The due date for payment is 21 days post each month’s billing cycle which means you get an additional 21 days to clear your dues.

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How to apply for Valero credit card Application?

Click on the Valero credit card application link here.

Step 1: Once you are in the site, you need to search for the right option from the dropdown.

Valero credit card

Step 2: After you choose the site from where you heard about Valero, you need to move to the application form.

credit card apply
online application
application requirement

Step 3: Fill in the entire application carefully and click on the checkboxes to complete the application. After filling out the entire application, press the Submit tab.

What are application requirements?

Application requirements are almost the same for all of these credit card types and here’s what you need to do.

  1. Social security number is a must for those who want to apply for a credit card.
  2. You must have a fair credit score and that needs to be at least 650+.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for the credit card includes the following;

  1. One needs to be 16 years or older.
  2. You need to have a proper address and a telephone number.

Annual Fees & Credit Limit?

There is no annual fee on the Valero credit card. The credit limit of the Valero credit card stretches from $300 and moves upwards and the credit limit depends on your creditworthiness.

Pros & Cons?

Online credit card application

Pros: Several pros of the Valero credit card include;

  1. Everyday drivers who fill between 50 and 70 gallons will get a modest refund of $36 (3% refund rate) which is more than the amount one will gain from a cashback card fixed at a 1% return rate.
  2. If you are building on your credit scores, you can use the credit card to create better scores. You can do this by paying your credit card bills at the right time.

Cons: Such store credit cards can have some most obvious cons and these include;

  1. A high interest rate that goes beyond 20% and above. Such high charges can be deleterious for the customers as there is a lot of payment involved in the process.

One cannot use these credit cards anywhere other than the gas stations affiliated with the particular credit card.

Where can I use a Valero credit card?

You can use the Valero credit card anywhere that is affiliated with them. One of the shortcomings of the credit card is that it is not enrolled under any of the biggies- Amex, MasterCard, and VISA. Thus, the credit card can only be used at select stores and centres affiliated with the Valero credit card.

Can a Valero credit card be used anywhere?

No, it cannot be used anywhere and everywhere.

Who issues Valero credit cards?

DSRM National Bank issues the Valero credit card.


If you are a heavy gas user who fills gas every day, then having the Valero credit card will allow you to gain small but significant profits over a period. Learn more about the Valero credit card from this article.


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