Apply for Assurance wireless Application & check Status [2022]

Assurance application is an assistance program that works as a lifeline for people applying for it. It is a service fund supported by the Federal Universal Service. They are a government phone provider and can provide phone connections at no cost.

They are one of the top telecommunication companies working in the Lifeline Phone program. Customer service representatives help you with the process.

how to fill up the assurance wireless application form

How to Apply for Assurance wireless Application form Online?

To fill the wireless online application form, you need to first click on the orange tab which reads fill online.

– In there you need to fill in the first and last name, home address, assurance Wireless number, phone number, and mailing address.  

– Once filled click on done to complete it and either fax it to 1-877-732-3018 or mail it to Assurance Wireless PO Box 686, Parsippany, NJ, USA 07054.

– You can also share the document in several ways highlighted in the section once you click on the Done tab.

Who is Eligible for Assurance wireless application?

Low-income groups are eligible for the service and are given free touchscreen or smartphones. It keeps people connected and helps them look for work, call for emergencies and also access the assistance they need.

Offers are often limited to eligible customers who are residing in certain specified geographical areas. It is also restricted to those family households which are in non-transferable mode and have only one discounted wireless or wireline service been available with the family. Coverage and assurance wireless services are not available in every state and facility.

They provide support mainly in the English language and would provide documents in English and documents in the Spanish language are facilitated only for convenience.

How to check Assurance wireless Application status?

The page first shows up the login account section. As you scroll down, you will find the section which asks users to check their order status with their order numbers. Once you click on the given link, you will be redirected to a page, where you can check your order status by inserting your order number and your email address.

Click on the submit button and wait while the site retrieves your details from the database. 

How to Get the assurance wireless application form?

The eligibility requirements that work include low-income groups according to the government. If your family income is at or below 135% as per the Federal poverty guidelines, your family would be eligible for the telephone connection.

Benefits received by those who have filled in the form include 500 minutes of free call every month, free cell phones, and unlimited free text options.

You also have the option to purchase additional hours of a phone call from $5 to $30. You can either pay with a Cash credit card or with PayPal.

How to Download the application PDF?

To download the form, click on the given link.

Phone Number & Contact Details

Dial in 1-888-321-5880 and then find the details.

According to the new Federal Regulations, to keep your lifeline services active they now want you to go online with a phone call or a text message.

  • Next, if you desire assistance on how you can program your phone, you will need to press #1.
  • For checking the application status press #2.
  • If you’re new to Lifeline services, press #3 for further assistance.
  • You can or else press 4 and then enter your 10-digit mobile phone number for better assistance.

How to find assurance wireless account number and pin?

To call Assurance Wireless you must dial 1-(888)-898-4888 to access your account number. 

Your PIN is the 6-digit (or 10-digit) number you have created, that is located in your welcome letter. On the top right corner of the bill or by logging into your online account you can try to find your account number.


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