BABIES R US Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online [2022]?


If you have a baby and you end up spending a lot on their toys, you must be wondering if there is a way in which you can at least save a little even as you shop more than your pocket allows. Mostly baby product shopping outlets will not be provided with many offers and rewards. However, there are some like Babies R Us outlets that offer credit cards that can help you save. Different discounts, rewards, and offers come up with this credit card that parents can use to save a few bucks.

When you take their credit cards, you must create a credit card account. To create a credit card account, you must register with them by providing all the required essential information.

How to do BABIES R US credit card login?

To do the Babies R Us credit card login, you need to add the credit card login username and password. Press on the Secure login tab to complete the login process.

Babies R Us credit card

If you do not already have an account, you must create one. Press on the Register tab to create the online account.

Add your account number and the ZIP code you use for billing to continue filling up the form.

Fill in different information in each of the segments to complete the form, and submit it. You will be sent a link on your email and if you click on it, you will be able to activate your account.

Babies R Us MasterCard

How to pay BABIES R US credit card bill payment?

To pay the Babies R Us credit card, go online and login.

  • Go to the payment segment and then to the pay your bill section.
  • Add your bill details and also your payment details.
  • Include your current account information. If you do not have a current account, you can also add your credit card information to it.
  • Press on the Pay Bill option to complete the transaction. 

Interest rate & Late Fees?

You must pay $38 as a late fee if you fail to pay your credit card bill in the stipulated period.

The APR of 29.99% is for cash advances and the purchase APR is fixed at 26.99%.

Customer Service Number?

The Customer service numbers are 1-800-TOYSRUS (1-800-869-7787) or 1-888-BABYRUS (1-888-222-9787) and you can call them up when you have issues and problems.

What is BABIES R US Credit card payment mailing address?

If you want to send mail to them to clear your credit card payments, you can send your credit card check to the address as given:

Babies R Us MasterCard, P.O. Box 530939, Atlanta, GA 30353.

If you have a store credit card, you can use the following address:R US Credit Services, P.O. Box 530938, Atlanta, GA 530938-0938.

What is BABIES R US credit card payment phone number?

For making phone payments, you must call up 1-866-423-3796 and follow the prompts. You must also keep your payment/ credit card information close alongwith your credit card details.


Here was a brief about the login and payment process for Babies R Us credit card. If you want to save money while you shop for your younger versions, do not forget to pick up essential information about the credit card from here.


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