Banana Republic Credit card – Here is How to Apply

The Banana Republic Visa Credit card is one of the popular store cards. It offers handsome rewards and makes life easier if you are an avid ardent shopper with the Banana Republic. Redeemable rewards, plentiful perks, and offers can make your life exciting. With an APR of 25.99%, do not hold balances while using the credit card.

How to Apply for Banana Republic Credit Card?

The credit card is easy to apply for and is issued by Synchrony Bank. If you desire to acquire one, do not forget to read the steps given below.

Step 1: Enter your SSN end four digits and your mobile phone number if you want to prefill some of your info.

Credit card Banana Republic

Step 2: You will be prompted to the next page where you can add the application details including your name, address, phone, and email contact details.

apply Banana Republic credit card

Step 3: Once you have entered all the essential details, click on the Continue tab that will take you to the next page. On this page, add the authorized user details.

apply Banana Republic online

Step 4: Now you must carefully read the terms and conditions before checking the box and also clicking on the Accept and Submit tab.


To apply for the Banana Republic credit card, here are a few requirements you must fulfill;

  1. You will need to be 18 years and above to apply for a credit card.
  2. To apply, you must have a credit score of around 600 as it is one of the factors that influence your credit limit.
  3. Your net income proof must be kept handy to ensure you are approved of your credit fees.

Annual Fees

The credit card does not have an annual fee scheme and you need not invest a penny for having it with you.

Credit Limit

The credit limit is not fixed and varies from individual to individual. Your credit scores will depend on your creditworthiness, your net annual income, and also on your debt habits.

Banana Republic Credit Card Benefits

To earn $5, you need to spend $100 in any of the Banana Republic stores and when shopping outside the Banana Republic store, you need to spend $500 to earn $5.

  • An additional 5% off on the first purchases made.
  • Rapid shipping for products beyond $50 MRP.
  • Members can avail of exclusive offers with it.
  • You can also avail of the same benefits from Old Navy, and even Athleta shopping units.

Who issues Banana Republic credit card?

The Banana Republic credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank.

Can you use Banana Republic credit card at Old Navy?

Yes, the Banana Republic credit card is accredited by Gap and hence works on all Gap affiliated stores.


Here is a little about the Banana Republic card and as a regular shopper from the store, you can read about it and then go for it. Since the credit card is also a Visa card, you can use it outside the Banana Republic and Gap franchise.


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