BB&T credit card login and Pay Bill Payment [Redeem Rewards]

You must know the BB&T credit card login process if you want to own your online account. The BB&T is into offering credit cards to everyone interested in one that can be taken easily. They have no annual fee; a 0% introductory APR is what people are offered apart from different types of rewards programs.

Individual credit cards are as much popular as business credit cards and depend on the applicant’s choice.

An APR of 13.24% to 22.24% is a regular for their credit cards generally. With 3% cash back on gas, 2% on utilities and groceries, you can’t deny it to be one of the best credit cards in the market.

Essential FeaturesBB&T credit card
Late Payment Fee$38
Returned Payment FeeNil
Interest & Purchase APR12.65%-21.65% (variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Advance Fee3% or $10 whichever is greater
Grace Period25 days
Balance Transfer APR12.65%-21.65%

How to do BB&T credit card login?

Login Here

Step 1: Once you click on the link present above, you will get to the login page.

Step 2: Add your username, and password before you tap the login button.

BBT online pay

Step 3: If you don’t have an account for yourself, you must invest some time to create one.

When you will click on the Sign-Up tab, you will move to the page where you must enter your card number and CVV.

BBT credit card login

Step 4: Once you press on the Continue tab, you will be taken to the next page. Follow the prompts here, to complete the form.

Once done, you will have to click on the confirmation link sent in your email to completely activate your account.

It is essential to note that to have an online account, you will need to have your credit card with you, which means you must already own your credit card.

How to pay BB&T credit card Bill Payment?

Online bill payment is facilitated by BB&T through your account.

  1. Login to your BB&T online account.
  2. Move to the Payment tab and from there into your billing tab.
  3. Add your billing details like the bill date, amount, and the regular bill number.
  4. Next, include the current account details that will include the account number and the routing number.
  5. When done, press the Pay Bill tab to complete the process and to make your payment pass through the payment gateway.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

The payment can be made through the phone using an old and a new way.

To follow the old way, you must call their credit card payment number: 800-476-4228.

Keep your credit card or your current account details handy. Whenever you are prompted to enter the payment details, you must swiftly add them.

You could also call a live representative who can help you pay your credit card bill but just find out if you will be charged for paying the credit card bill.

As for the new method, there is another addition to the old ways of phone payments.

You can now use e-checks to pay your bills.

E-checks use the automated clearing house process to debit the bill amount from your current account to their BB&T account.

If you want to use this new system, here’s what you must do it.

BBT credit card pay

To make payments via mail, write to BB&T, PO Box 580340. Charlotte, NC 28258-0340. Add your money order or check along with your bill, and send it off to this address.

How to redeem BB&T credit card rewards?

Redeeming rewards can be done for different reward types- merchandise, cashback, travel, charities, and gift cards.

There are primarily three ways in which you can collect your rewards.

  1. For items posted on the website, you must go to the BB&T Spectrum Rewards Program segment.
  2. You can call 800-778-1721 to redeem your rewards.
  3. If you want to redeem rewards in cash, you can do so through statement credit into your account.
  4. To receive rewards through the mail, you can choose to receive them in the form of a check or as gift certificates.
  5. Through your regular airlines’ service also, you can redeem the rewards.

How to check BB&T credit card rewards?

To review your BB&T credit card rewards, you must log in to your site.

Alternatively, you may also call the BB&T Rewards Center at 844-735-3249.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number for the BB&T credit card is 888-228-6654.


The BB&T credit card is essential for those who like banking with them. If you are one such person, read this blog thoroughly to know more about the login and payment processes.

BBT online login


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