How to apply for Belk Credit Card Application Online? Check Eligibility

Credit cards have benefits, and every other place now offers a credit card. But which ones you keep is a difficult decision to make. Today we discuss a very important card which you might consider having with yourself.

Look into the card details and decide for yourself.

What is Belk credit card application?

Belk’s departmental store chain is around for a century now and hosts essentials like groceries, apparel. home requirements to thousands. Established by William Henry Belk, the store hosts anchor stores in different shopping malls catering to huger populations.

Men’s and women’s garments, shoes, cosmetics, home needs, home furnishing items, and accessories come from them. Belk is a popular choice for people, and Belk rewards people at three separate levels.

How to apply for Belk Credit Card Application?

To apply for the Belk Credit Card, either head straight to your nearest branch or start by applying online.

Step 1: Visit the website link shared here in this segment.

Belk Credit Card

Step 2: Another page opens up whereby you are asked to enter the last four digits of your SSN/ITIN and your mobile number.

Credit Card

Step 3: If you don’t have a phone number, you can click on the given button.

Belk application

Step 4: Fill up the form as mentioned below to apply for it.

online application

After you have filled up the form, click on the Continue tab to complete the rest of the form. Submit the form after reviewing the filled form carefully.

What are the requirements?

Requirements will begin and include,

  1. A good FICO score of 650 or more.
  2. To receive the benefits, one must be 18 years and above.
  3. You must be having ID proof for your address, finances, and identity.
  4. The last four digits of your SSN or ITIN is essential.


You can check your eligibility by following these steps.

Belk application
  1. You must fill in your phone number and the last 4-digits of your SSN/ITIN.
Belk store Credit Card

2. Alternately if you don’t have a phone number, fill-up the form here to check if you qualify.

Belk Credit Card

Annual Fee?

There is no need to pay an annual fee but there is a very high APR of 25.49%.


You can earn more if you shop more from Belk. They have cashback offers too, apart from rewards.

A fabulous saving tool for their shoppers and customers, you still need to be careful of the unimaginably high Belk credit card Annual Percentage Rate (APR of 25.49%).

Check the three-tier system of rewarding from the table below to get a fair idea of how much you earn from it.

Shopping Amount RangeRewards percentage
$0 to $5993%
$600 to $14994%
A minimum $1500 a year5%


If you want to take up the Belk card, do not go further than this blog which has all the essential information for you. Look at it and start applying soon.


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