How to Apply Bitty Advance Application-Requirements | Is Bitty Advance Legit?

What is Bitty advance application?

Bitty advance application is for all those entrepreneurs who wish to furnish capital to the entrepreneurs stemming up in all the 50 states. A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) servicing is an agreement for planning an exchange of the future business revenue with an amount of cash served immediately to the entrepreneurs.

MCAs are used by almost all businesses including small-time businesses like restaurants, trucking, doctors, construction, consultants, and healthcare.

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Bitty is a funding company, and the funds are generated for every small and medium-sized entrepreneurial start-up. It is the best for those who are struggling to receive funding. However, if you need more than $10,000 you might have to look somewhere else since the minimum amount offered by Bitty is $2500 and the maximum amount offered by them is $10,000.

The loan term is for a span of 3 to 9 months. Instead of charging interests, the businesses will have to pay a fixed fee. But, then when taking the loan there will be a processing fee and also an ACH fee. Additionally, people need to pay a monthly maintenance fee of $49 per month. Renewal is possible after someone has paid off half of the loan amount.

 Bitty advance Requirements?

 To qualify for the Bitty advance requirements, you need to have the following requirements fulfilled.

– You must be able to show a $5000 monthly bank revenue.

– A credit score of 400 or higher.

– A business bank account opened at least three months before.

– The customers should already be in the same business for at least six months.

When you have to apply, you will have to produce three months of bank statements, a voided check, and a driver’s license.

How to apply for Bitty advance Application?

You can get started with the loan by filling the Bitty advance application either online or by dialing the number 800-324-3863. Ensure your business meets the requirements and then follow the below steps.

– Visit the Bitty advance website.

– Move down to the bottom of the web page and fill out the basic information needed in the form. 

– Fill in your business-related information in the form as well.

– Press the Send button and then wait for the approval.

Is Bitty advance Legit?

You will be routed to encrypted sites where you would receive a personal call from a person before the amount is transferred to you. Once you have signed up the terms and conditions of the company would be shared with you.

Bitty advance Contact Details?

Contact detail for Bitty cash advance is the toll-free phone number 800-324-3863.


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