Does Bank of America Pre Qualify Credit Cards? How to get it?

Getting pre-qualified by a bank requires you to put a few simple information about yourself into their portal so that they can tell you if you qualify for a credit card.

Does Bank of America pre-qualify credit cards?

To get a BoA credit card, you can try the pre-qualification facility that is also available with them. All you do is follow these steps to know if you pre-qualify for a card.

  1. Use this particular link to find out if you pre-qualify for a credit card.
  2. Once you are on this page, there are two choices for you- either sign in with a BOA account or continue without logging in.
BoA credit cards

3. In the next page, you need to fill in your name (first and last), date of birth, and social security number. Click on the Continue tab post entering the details.

Bank of America

4. They will make a soft pull of your financial records and then will tell you if you are eligible for a credit card.

Even if you pre-qualify, it does not mean you will be given a credit card but, in almost all cases, people who pre-qualify are also approved for the credit card.

How to get a Bank of America pre-approval credit card?

If you have received a targeted email stating you are pre-approved for the credit card, or you have done a pre-qualification check and found you are eligible, then you can go ahead and apply for the BoA credit card.

  1. To view the credit card types provided by Bank of America, here is the link to follow.
  2. Browse through the different credit card types provided on the site and simultaneously read their details before clicking the apply tab. A sample of the way, information is provided for different credit cards is provided below.
pre-qualify credit cards
3. Once you click on the tab, you will find more details about the card. Once you scroll down, you can see a form that you must fill up. The form goes the way it appears below;
credit card application
apply BoA Credit Card
Credit card BoA

4. Agree to the terms and conditions and then tick the checkbox to complete the first page. Fill in all the details on the next page and complete the application by submitting it.

pre qualify credit card

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Bank of America pre-qualify Requirements

Several requirements must be fulfilled for obtaining a Bank of America credit card.

  1. Individuals applying must be a minimum of 18-years old.
  2. Anyone below 21 years must prove their income source to the credit card authorities when seeking a credit card.
  3. Providence of a government-issued ID card and SSN/ITIN is essential.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is determined based on the following points.

  1. To apply to the US BoA, citizens must be citizens of the United States.
  2. Credit requirements vary for each card issued by the Bank of America.

Annual fees

Most credit cards do not have an annual fee. However, you must check online in the card details to find out more about the annual fee structure of the credit cards.


Here’s a brief about the Bank of America credit card facilities. If you are applying for one, you can follow the instructions provided here in this blog.


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