How to Check BoB Credit Card Application Status & Activate it?

How to check BoB credit card application status?

After you do the application from the Bank of Baroda all you need to do is give a miss call to a number from the registered mobile number. You can also check from their website if the customer is registered with net banking. Then all one needs to do is log in to the website and check the status.

You can also check this through the official website of this bank. Also, if one sends SMS from the registered mobile number he or she will get a reply about the status of this process as well.

How to Check BoB credit card application status by mobile number?

With the mobile number, one has to give a missed call to 84680 01111 number. This will only apply if the customer is using his or her registered mobile phone. Next, up there are several systems and steps through which you can check the status of your credit card after the application is successful and done.

How to activate bob credit card for online transactions?

To activate your Bank of Baroda credit card for online transactions, one needs to follow the steps that we are giving below. Following these steps will make your task way too easy and it will do your work within seconds.

  • Go to the official website of Bank of Baroda
  • Sign up or log in
  • Give your card details
  • Then you will receive an OTP in the registered mobile number enter that
  • Then add and submit the username, password, and the message 

Thus as you submit your credit card will be activated for any sort of online transaction.

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How to BoB Credit Card PIN generation by SMS?

For generating a PIN through SMS, all one needs to do is send a message from the registered mobile number to the number from where the answer will come. They will then send you a few steps you must follow to get your pin. You will also receive an OTP and upon its submission, your PIN will be generated.

What is the BoB Credit Card limit?

You can learn about your card limit by calling on this number 84680 01111 because the limits have personal parameters and might differ from person to person. Thus for knowing your limit either contact the bank or call here.

BoB Credit Card Customer Care number

The number for customer care is84680 01111.


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