Business letter for confirming the acceptance of order

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Now, today  I will tell you How to write a business letter for confirming the acceptance of order. You can use this letter in your daily life. This type of letter is also asked in the exams. In exam,  the question is like “Draft a letter, confirming the acceptance of order”.

This letter will also be useful for persons who needs to confirm the acceptance of goods delivered. They don’t need to worry about the format of the letter because it is latestly updated. They can directly send this letter by only doing some little changes in the letter. So, this letter is useful for both students as well as for business man. I hope you will also like this letter.

So, Let’s start the letter

Business letter for confirming the acceptance of order.

Narender Book Depot,

Pacca Danga,



May 20, 201….


Gupta Book Store,

Mukerjee Bazar,



Dear Sirs,


We thank you for your letter and order of 15th may and We have pleasure in informing you that the books, as per your details, will be dispatched by the end of June. We assure you that we will supply the books as per your order and that the packing of the same will be to your entire satisfaction. The exact date of dispatch will be intimated to you in due course.

Assuring you of the most careful execution of your order.


Yours faithfully,

For Narinder Book Depot

Above all you read about how to write Business letter for confirming the acceptance of order. Hope you learned something from it.

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