Business Letter to book seller for ordering some books

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Last time, I told you “How to write a business letter to the insurance company to Insure the Goods Against all risks during the Transit”. I hope you learned something now, how to write a letter to insurance company. Now today I will tell you How to write Business letter to book seller for ordering some books. This letter is written to Book seller for ordering some books. This letter will be helpful for you if you also want to order books from the book seller. The format of this letter is latestly updated. So, you don’t need to worry about its format. You have to do only some changes in the letter and then your letter is ready for ordering books.

So, Let’s start the letter

Business Letter to book seller for ordering some books

25, Mandl,



April 15,201…


Messrs Harnam Dass & Bros.,

Pacca Danga,



Dear Sirs,


Please send the following books per V.P.P. at your earliest convenience

1. Kumar English Guide and Test papers 10 Copies

2. Naveen Hindi Guide for the Matric Students 6 Copies

3. Matric Mathematics Papers Solved 6 Copies

43. Modern Business Correspondence (LBS Series) By L. Gartside.

5. Advance Learner’s Dictionary By A S Hornby.

In case, the books are not available in your ready stock, please procure them from the publishers.


Yours faithfully,

Ali Jhoo.

This is all about How to write Business Letter to book seller for ordering some books. Hope you learned something from it. If you want to learn some more on types of letters then check our Formal letter writing, Informal letter writing and Business letter categories. You will get every detail of letters in this website. You don’t need to search letters here and there on other websites because this was already done by us for you. So learn more and earn more.

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