Business Letter To Firm Complaining About Damage Of Goods

Today, I will tell you how to write a Business Letter to firm complaining about damage of goods. It is a letter to a firm from whom you have received the consignment, complaining about damage of goods due to poor packing. You can also write this letter to your goods supplier for the damage of goods due to its carelessness or due to the poor packing of goods. You can write it simply in the same format as given below. Only you have to do some changes in the letter and then your letter is ready for sending it to your supplier. I hope this letter will be beneficial for you.

So, Let’s start the letter

Business Letter To Firm Complaining About Damage Of Goods

R.K. Enterprises,




September, 23, 201…


M/s. Khajuria Traders,

Jain Bazar,



Dear Sirs,

We thank you for the prompt dispatch of goods ordered by us but regret to tell you that about one-third of the goods were damaged by rains.

It was obviously due to poor packing which allowed rain water to enter, into the bundles.

We are, however, prepared to retain the goods if you allow us a discount of 10% on the invoice value. Pending your reply the damaged goods will be held at you risk.


Yours faithfully,

For R.K. Enterprises

So learners, this is all about How to write a Business Letter To Firm Complaining About Damage Of Goods. I hope you learned something from it.

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