Business Letter to Insurance Company to Insure the Goods Against risks

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Last time, I told you “How to write an Informal letter To Friend On Birthday Expressing Good Wishes”. Hope you learned something and today I will teach you how to write a Business letter to Insurance Company to Insure the Goods Against risks. Before starting the letter I will tell you “What is business letter“?

Business letters are the letters which are generally written for some business purpose. It is a letter written to one company to other company or between the goods sellers and their customers. You can write these letters to your customers or your good sellers. These type of letters are very useful when you have to complain for the unsupply of goods because it becomes a permanent record in written statement and it forced to dealer to take action on the complaint.

So let us take an example of business letter. This is a letter which is written to the insurance company to insure the goods against all types of risks. This letter will be very helpful for you if you also want to take insurance for your goods also. The format of this letter is latestly updated. So you don’t need to worry for the format of business letter. You only have to do some changes in the letter and then your letter is ready for insurance company.

So, Let’s start the letter

Business Letter to Insurance Company to Insure the Goods Against risks during the Transit.

Laxmi Traders Ltd.,

Kanak Mandi,



April 1, 200……


Janta Insurance Co.,

Branch office,




Dear Sirs,


We would inform you that a truck-load of goods is being sent to Bhadarwah on 8th of April. Doda district is at present a disturbed area. Cases of looting and arson are frequently taking place these days. Adverse circumstances have affected every activity including business transactions. A lot of risk is involved in carrying on business, for most of the area falling under the Doda district is militant-infested.

We should be glad if you would cover us to the extent of Rs. 10000/- at 4 Paise per cent on goods in transit between Jammu and Bhaderwah. The insured goods will cover Accident risk, Fire risk and militant attack risk.


Yours faithfully,

For Laxmi Traders Ltd


This is all about how to write Business Letter to Insurance Company to Insure the Goods Against risks. Hope you liked it.

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