www.cao.ac.za Online Application 2022 | How to Apply online? Check Status, fees

www.cao.ac.za online application 2022?

For Irish higher education institutions, the Central Application Office processes undergraduate course applications. HEI (Higher Education institutions) decides about the eligibility of admissions and then instructs CAO to send offers to successful candidates. 

The CAO tries to keep the application process simple and straightforward.

For filling up online applications, one must use any of the web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or the Google Chrome. Ideally, there are three main offer rounds- Round A, Round Zero, and again Round One.

As soon as the reply date for Round One passes away, CAO then begins to issue Round Two for the remaining seats in different organizations.

Round A is for deferred students, or for lateral entry students, and for those who need to make Visa arrangements. Round Zero is for the graduate medical aspirants, and also for entry of courses which have a QUOTA reservation. Round One is for the freshly applying candidates who had school leaving certificates.

www.cao.ac.za online application 2022

Application Requirements

The application requirements include;

  • Qualification evidences users have indicated in their online application forms.
  • Any supplementary information you could not include in the space provided.
  • Any special documentation required by the institutions to which the users are applying.
  • If English is your first language, English language competency needs to be given.
  • Incorporate your CAO application number in all the supporting documents which were being sent to CAO.

How to apply for www.cao.ac.za online application?

To initiate the online applications one must fulfill the below requirements.

  • Visit the official registration website of CAO to start the application process.
  • Choose the CAO my application from your website dashboard which is next to the home icon.
  • Fill in your required personal details properly.
  • Provide a valid email address, select relevant qualifications, and choose your assessments according to your educational qualifications.
  • Pay the fee and choose the best payment method. 
  • Next you must create your password and then click to proceed with the application process.

How to check www.cao.ac.za application status?

  • For checking the application status, you’ll have to visit the link https://www.cao.ac.za/.
  • Choose and enter the CAO number, ID/Passport number, and then you need to sign in by tapping on the Submit button.

Application Fees

The application fee for an early online application is 30 Euros. Normal online application is 45 Euros. Last online applications and exceptionally late online applications require one to pay 60 Euros.

CAO Application Timeline

Closing date for the application was 20th January 2021. Normal online applications dates were 1st of February 2021. Last online application dates were 01st May, 2021 and for change of minds that comes along with applications the last date of application was 01st July 2021. Exceptionally late online application dates are 22nd July, 2021.

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