Apply for Catherines Credit Card Online – Requirements

Catherine’s is a clothing brand quite famous for its apparel and footwear range. Like every other retail outlet, even Catherine issues its credit card. The credit card issuer is Comenity Bank, and it is a store credit card.

How to apply for Catherines Credit Card online?

Currently, there is a restriction on Catherines credit card online applications for international shoppers and has put up a hoarding on their website which asks people to call 1-915-225-4970 if there is any confusion about the Catherines card application.

Catherine credit card

In ordinary times, applying for the Catherines card can be done by filling up the application form.

Step 1: Before you start with the application process, you must complete your registration online.

Step 2: If you are already registered, you can log in, with the required credentials like your username and password either directly to the Catherine platform or try logging into it through Comenity.

Catherine credit card apply
Catherine credit card application

Step 3: Catherines card application is possible by clicking on the card tab in the upper right corner of the website.

Step 4: Additionally, card application can be done also from the Comenity website by registering with this platform.

Catherine credit card online

Step 5: Whenever the credit card option is open, unlike now, you can apply for it by filling in your personal information, income-related details, SSN/ ITIN, and also providing valid ID proof, and proper identification documents.

Apply Catherine credit card

Step 6: Add your complete address details and not just the post box address.

Step 7: If you have authorized buyers in your account, you can add them up here.

Step 8- Complete the form and then submit it by clicking the Submit tab, and before that, check the terms and conditions, further click on the Submit tab.

After applying, you will hear back from them in 5-8 days.


Not many requirements need to be fulfilled for completing the application form. But there are a few requirements, and these include;

  1. You must be a major in your locality and should be 18 or more to apply for Catherines credit card.
  2. You must tag a valid SSN/ITIN to the application.
  3. You must either be an American or US citizen for applying for a credit card.
  4. Your credit score must at least be 630 or more.

Annual fees

The annual fee for the Catherine credit card is nil or $0.

Credit Limit

The Catherine credit limit differs according to their card types.

Credit card typesSpending Limits
Catherine ClassicThe spending limit is anywhere between $0 to $349.
Catherine SelectThe spend limit is from $350 to $799.
Catherine EliteThe limit to spend on this card starts at 800+


Catherine has three credit cards, and each of them has unique offers and ranges.

Card TypePoints earned per dollarPoint value equivalentBirthday offer availabilityShipping facilities
Catherine ClassicPer dollar one earns 15 points3000 points = $10Yes, offer availableFree when shopping for $100 or online shopping
Catherine SelectFor every dollar its 20 points3000 points = $10Offer is availableFree for shopping above $75 and online shopping
Catherine EliteEvery dollar, you will earn 25 points3000 points = $10Offer is presentThere is no minimum amount for this card and is valid for online shopping.

Contact Details

You can call Comenity Bank at 1-800-995-9450 for your Catherine credit card.

What bank issues Catherines credit card?

Comenity Bank issues the Catherine credit card.

Who accepts Catherines credit card?

The Catherine credit card is also accepted at Lane Bryant, Full Beauty Purchases, and not at Torrid since Torrid has their separate credit card.


Here’s a bit about the Catherines credit card and how to apply for it. The information provided here can guide you to apply for a credit card. Read it thoroughly before completing the application process.


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