How to check ica approval green signal status to enter uae [2021]?

How to check ica approval status to enter uae?

If you want to check ICA approval online, then you have to go to the website and submit your passport number and Emirates ID number. This would help you to get instant verification for your entry status into to the UAE although this is no longer mandatory. 

How to check ica approval green signal?

ica approval green signal status to enter uae

Passengers who have a resident visa from AUH & AAN can check the visa status on the ICA approval link at website. It is essential to get a green signal before being issued a ticket.

How to get green signal in ica approval?

When you apply for ICA approval and your application is approved, then you get a green status.

How do I know if my ICA is green or red?

You can know if your ICA is green or red in the following way:

  • When applicants apply for the ICA approval, they would nee to receive the United Arab Emirates entry status verification.
  • Once the process completes and your application gets approval then you will be assigned a green signal or status.
  • However, if you are not approved, then you will see a red status.

What is the procedure for ICA approval?

Follow the below steps to get ICA approval for the purpose of travelling back to the UAE:

  • You can apply for the ICA approval through the ICA smart services.
  • You will need to provide a valid ID, name, passport details, origin, and destination of travel.
  • Further, you would need to provide the RT-PCR Covid-19 report which you have undergone not more than 96 hours before.
  • It is recommended to take the RT-PCR test only from a designated and approved lab in the UAE.

Is ICA approval mandatory?

No, the ICA approval is no longer mandatory for Dubai residents to enter Abu Dhabi.


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