How to Apply for CIMB Credit Card Application & check Status

CIMB is a leading ASIAN investment bank with 320+ branches and 10 different credit cards to offer. Apart from all of it, they also offer 5 different personal loans and 17 mortgages in total. Each of their credit cards targets different customers and their credit cards are made keeping in view the demands of different people.

The CIMB credit cards offer rewards, discounts, offers, and also points on the use of different cards. Each of the CIMB credit cards also has features and benefits, and separate eligibility requirements. The minimum age for a credit card is 21 years and supplementary credit cards are offered to individuals who are 18 years old and above.

They have different fees and charges for the use of their credit cards.

Annual Fees$0 for almost all credit cards except CIMB Enrich World Elite Credit Card that has an annual fee of RM1215.09 & RM554.72 for CIMB Enrich World Credit Card.
Credit LimitThe limit depends on the CIMB credit card type and CIMB balance transfer card.
Purchase APR15% p.a.
Balance Transfer APR0% interest rate for 12 months and with a 0.5%* processing fee
Minimum Required Credit ScoreNo recommended credit history
Security DepositNone

How to Apply for CIMB Credit Card Application?

To apply, use the given links and try to move through the application process.

Step 1: The CIMB credit card application link will present you with three different options:

CIMB credit cards

Step 2: Choose the one that is best for you from the dropdown. If you are not a CIMB customer, choose the first option as this is used to explain this application process.

CIMB credit cards online

Step 3: Click to find out more about the credit card of your choice by pressing the Find out more tab.

CIMB credit cards apply

Step 4: In this segment, click on the Apply Now option, and once you do that, you will be taken to another screen where you will get a pop up. You will have to confirm the pop-up option that asks you to confirm a few essential pieces of information.

CIMB credit cards online application

Step 5: On the first page of the application, you must add your complete name, NRIC, and mobile number alongwith your email address.

ten credit cards CIMB

Step 6: After adding all the details, you must submit the complete information.

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What are application requirements?

The application requirements include the following points,

  • If you are employed with any company, you must provide your 3-month salary slip.
  • When in an individual business, you must submit the latest 6 months of bank statements and also your business registration documents.
  • The minimum income requirement is RM24, 000 per annum for the CIMB credit card.

Who is eligible?

You will be eligible if you fulfill the following eligibility criteria.

  • You should not be less than 21 years for being a prime credit cardholder.
  • Only those residing in Malaysia or permanent citizens of Malaysia can apply for their credit cards.
  • For having the CIMB credit cards, you must have a Malaysian ID card.
  • You cannot be American citizens or permanent residents of the US or green cardholders.

How to check CIMB credit card application status?

To check for the CIMB credit card application status, you can try the following ways.

  1. Through the online method;
  2. Go online and use this link to move to the application status page.
  3. Fill in your IC Number & Application Number (if you have filled your application online).
  4. Using the customer contact number (+603 6204 7788).

Card Benefits

Each of their credit cards comes with a different set of benefits that include the following:

  • Most of their credit cards offer bonus points.
  • Their credit cards also include cashbacks at cinemas, grocery, gas, and bill payments.
  • Some of their credit cards give you traveling benefits.
  • Bonus points or rewards are given with all their credit cards.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long to process CIMB credit card application?

The CIMB credit card takes a business day for approval.

What is CIMB credit card finance charge?

The CIMB credit card finance charges are 1.25% every month and 15% per annum for 12-month consecutive cycles. For a 10-month cycle in a 12-month span, financial charges are 1.42% every month and 17% in a year.

Can CIMB credit card be used overseas?

Yes, you can use their cards internationally but you might have to pay MYR10 to MYR30 as a foreign transaction fee.


If you are in Malaysia and want to have a CIMB credit card, you should read this post for more information. The CIMB credit cards come packed in different packages and with each, there are different rewards and offers. Thus, knowing the requirements and also a bit about credit cards will be a great way to initiate the application process.


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