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Coles credit card is given to the customers by the Australian supermarket and the best part is, there is not one but three credit cards offered by Coles. Each credit card brings a better reward or offers for the customers and that is where these credit cards differ.

The Rewards MasterCard, no annual fee MasterCard and the low-rate MasterCard are the three credit cards that have different offers for different customers.

Those of you, who want to gain rewards from the Coles stores, try to go for the Rewards MasterCard.

Once you decide to not pay an annual fee, you can go for the no annual fee credit card.

Get your shopping lists done at a low price, by going for the low-rate MasterCard.

Know more about the Coles credit card application’s essential features from the table given below.

Notable Credit Card FeaturesColes Rewards MasterCardNo annual fee MasterCardLow-rate MasterCard
Annual Fees$99$0$58
Purchase APR19.99% per annum19.99% p.a.12.99% p.a.
Balance Transfer APR0% balance transfer rate for 36 months19.99% balance transfer0% for the first 36 months
Minimum credit limit$2000$2000$2000
International purchase transaction feeYesNoNo

How to apply for Coles Credit card application?

For the Coles credit card application, you will need to go through the following steps.

For all three credit cards, the application process remains the same and is being discussed below for your convenience.

Step 1: After you click on the credit card link of your choice, you can press the Apply Now tab that is seen with every credit card.

Coles credit card application

Step 2: In the next segment, you can check the eligibility criteria for each credit card. Now, press the Get Started tab to complete the application form.

Coles eligibility

Step 3: The first page will open up the application form for you by mentioning different sections and the time it takes to fill each segment.

Platinum credit card Coles

Step 4: To start with, add your credit card details and begin by adding your name, email address, and mobile number.

Coles apply

Step 5:  Next, enter more about your work-related and financial information. Further, upload your documents, and additional options, and then complete the confirmation process to further submit the form.

Your financial information must include your current finances and also your income-related details.

Add your permanent Australian address that must be a permanent one for successful application submission.

Coles Credit card application requirements

Your Coles credit card application requirements include the following conditions;

  1. To get a credit card, you must be 18 years or older.
  2. You must reside in Australia permanently.
  3. Your credit scores must be good.
  4. With Coles, you must have a minimum of $25000 every year.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria for the Coles credit card will need to have the following requirements.

  1. You must have an Australian mobile phone number to start with.
  2. Include your current Flybuys membership number
  3. You must have a valid email address of yourself.

Card Pros & Cons

Coles credit card has several pros and cons.


  1. You will get a $10 instant fee when shopping at your Coles supermarket shop.
  2. You can purchase for 55 days without paying interest.
  3. The credit card offers a complimentary insurance cover. With Samsung and Apple Pay no keep paying your bills.


1. The purchase and cash advance rate are 19.99% per annum.

Is Coles credit card good?

Yes, the Coles credit card is good for everyone who shops from there. If you want a credit card and have a good credit score, do consider taking it.

Who issues Coles credit cards?

The unsecured credit card is issued by Citigroup Pty Limited.

Do Coles sell prepaid credit cards?

Yes, Coles does sell prepaid Coles credit cards and you can take the Coles MasterCard.


If you are a regular shopper from Coles, do consider going for their Coles credit card application. But before you do, refer to the essential information provided in the article as the credit card will make your shopping easier.


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