Coles credit card Account Login & do Payment [Get Rewards]

Coles credit cards are quite popular in people shopping from their stores and supermarkets. The credit cards also come with an online account and if you have not yet made an account with them, you can do so now.

The application process takes ten minutes to complete and after submitting the application form, it will not take more than 60 seconds for a response.

To create an online credit card account, you will have to fill in their registration application form. Essentially, you must also know the payment process for your credit card. In this segment, we will also discuss the process of increasing the credit limit for the credit cardholders and also help you cancel your credit card.

If you want to know more about the essential features related to the payment process of credit cards, refer below.

Essential FeaturesColes Rewards MasterCard No annual fee MasterCard Low-rate MasterCard
Late Payment Fee$30$30$30
Interest & Purchase APR19.99% p.a.12.99% p.a.19.99% p.a.
Cash Withdrawal Fee3%  
Grace Period55 days interest-freeEvery 7 days you will need to pay an extra $10.55 days on purchases
Balance Transfer APR0% for 12 months0% for 12 months0% for 36 months
Foreign transaction fee2.5%2.5%2.5% for retail purchases

How to activate Coles Credit card?

To activate the Coles credit card, you must log in to your account. You can automatically be prompted to activate your Coles credit card.

If you are not prompted to activate your credit card, you must move to the Activate your credit card tab.

Add the credit card details and then press the Activate your card button.

Once you press it, you will finally be able to proceed with the process of credit card activation.

How to do Coles credit card login online?

Coles credit card login is an absolutely easy process given it is similar to the login process of any other credit card. Add your username and password in the given spaces and complete the login process.

Coles login

If you want to register, being new on the site, you can start by pressing the Register tab. Add your credit card number in the given segment.

Coles pay

Further add your CVV, birth date to further into the registration process.

How to Pay Coles credit card bill Payment?

To pay Coles credit card bills, you can use the following means of payment.

  1. Direct debit from your bank account
  2. Use your BPAY account to pay it
  3. You can also post your payments through the Australian post

Direct debit through bank accounts is possible through this process in which you will need to add details. To set the direct debit from your online bank account, you must follow the below steps.

  1. Add your bank account number and other bank details to complete the process.
  2. You also need to intimate if you would want to pay your minimum balance each month or your complete credit card balance.

To pay your amount through BPAY, here is what you must do.

  • Add the biller code of 8862.
  • Include your 15-digit account number that may not be the same as your account number.

To pay at any Australian post office, you must display the [email protected] symbol, EFTPOS, or cheque. You will need to pay using a credit card and the ATM PIN.

How to increase Coles credit card limit?

Move to the Manage My credit option to complete the form requesting them to increase your Coles credit limit.

Call 1300 306 397 instead, if you don’t want to go online for a credit limit increase.

How to cancel Coles credit card?

From the online account, you must visit the Manage my card segment. Choose the account closure request by simply following the instructions.

You can also close your account by calling 1300 306 397.

Card Benefits

There are different credit card benefits that an individual can avail of with the use of the credit card.

Coles Rewards Mastercard Coles No Annual Fee Mastercard Coles Low Rate Mastercard
2 points per dollar1 point for every $2 spent1 point every $2
Upon redeeming 2000 points, you will get $10 off on purchasesSame for all the credit cardsSimilar to Rewards Mastercard
You will get to enjoy value boostersThe same goes for even this credit cardYou enjoy the offer even on this credit card


The Coles credit cards are some of the best with offerings that can make a lot of things easier in the process of shopping from them. If you have a credit card, learn the operation through this made easy article.


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