How to track IndusInd credit card application status with mobile number?

Credit cards are essential in today’s life. Applying for IndusInd credit cards is just a 3-step process. Did you apply for an IndusInd credit card? If you have applied for one, find ways in which you can check the status of the credit card application in different ways from this article.

How to track IndusInd credit card application status with a mobile number?

Any update about your credit card will be sent to the registered mobile number.

There is no way you can send an SMS to them regarding your application status from your registered mobile number.

However, you can use the below process with your mobile number to find out the application status.

Ideally, this above-mentioned process is also possible when you are trying to check the application status from other third-party sites. When your application is done through the IndusInd site, you can also simply call them up at 1-860-267-7777.

How to check IndusInd credit card application status online?

For tracking the IndusInd credit card application, follow the steps given below.

  1. Visit the website link as given here.
  2. From there, visit the credit card segment and then the application status link.
IndusInd Bank application status

3. Add your application number and your registered mobile number.

4. Click on Check application status to know more about your application.

IndusInd credit card application status with application number?

When checking through the online site, you can check the application status by entering the mobile number and application number into the site.

How to use an IndusInd credit card?

Using the IndusInd credit card means soon after getting the credit card, you must activate it. The activation process for the IndusInd credit card is possible in four different ways.

1. Net banking activation

Visit the IndusInd website and press the option that directs you to register your credit card online.

If you have not registered an account with them, try to do that to complete the process.

  • Further add your credit card number, CVV number, expiry date along with your birth date in the given spaces.
  • Press the submit tab after all the details have been added.
  • After submitting the details, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. Once you add it your credit card activation confirmation message will be sent to you.

2. Activation through mobile banking

You can also use the mobile banking process to activate your credit card. To enable this function, you must download the mobile app.

  • Create an account, create a credit card PIN to use the process.
  • Press the bank logo, choose the credit card option, and then the service request option.
  • Add your credit card details along with your birth date.
  • Once the credit card is activated, a pop-up window will let you know the same.

3. Offline activation

With the help of a customer service executive, you can also activate your ATM card. But this is not a safe process when compared to the online processes.

4. ATM activation

Your card can be activated even from an ATM as well.

  • Pick your language and generate a PIN by pressing the suitable options.
  • Add the PIN to activate your credit card.

After activating the credit card, you can use it as you wish. Using it for shopping, as well as for online payments is possible through it.

IndusInd credit card limit

There are several different credit cards issued by the IndusInd bank.

Each credit card has different credit offerings, and except for a few affluent clients, the others are capable of qualifying for limits that are a minimum of $5000- $10000.


Here’s a bit about the processes in which you can check the application status for IndusInd credit cards. If you possess an IndusInd card, you check the status of your application in any which way you want. Read the entire blog from here to understand the process in which one can check the IndusInd application status.


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