Desjardins credit card login and Pay Bill Payment

Desjardins comes with a wide range of credit cards, you name an occasion or purpose and they have a credit card for it. It is a Canadian cooperative agency catering to financial services. It is the largest credit union federation operating in North America.

If you are keen on acquiring a Desjardin credit card, swiftly going through the article will help you decide better.

Desjardins offers six credit cards for their customers. Every credit card comes with a wide range of offers that includes common benefits and also individual perks and offers separate for each card.

All credit cards come with normal offers like lower rates on credit cards, nil annual fees, and regular cashback facilities.

Depending on your credit card, your offers will also vary- travel perks, flexibility offers, and bonuses to suit a particular customer’s needs.

Essential FeaturesDesjardins credit card
Annual Fee$0 on most credit cards except Classic Visa at $30 and Elegance Gold Visa at $60.
Late Payment Fee$40
Returned Payment Fee$29
Interest9.90%- 12.90% (Variable)
Cardholder FeeNA
Cash Advance FeeVaries from card to card
Grace Period21 days

How to do Desjardins credit card login?

To login to your Desjardins account, you can add your username and password. Press the login tab to complete the operation.

Desjardins credit cards

If you don’t have an account, you can press the register for Access D below the login tab option to complete the registration process by starting with adding the credit card number you have.

All their credit card numbers begin with 4540 and you must enter the rest of the number.

Desjardins credit card pay

Fill in all essential details provided in the form including personal, professional, economic, and other miscellaneous details to complete the application form.

How to pay Desjardins credit card Bill Payment?

There are several advanced ways for making Desjardins credit card payments.

Apart from making online payments, you can also make payments through the below-mentioned ways.

  • Any ATM that accepts the Desjardins credit card payment option.
  • At any Desjardins Caisse meaning their local boxes or points.
  • Write a mail and attach a MO (money order) or check for Desjardins.
  • Through phone.

Every online account with Desjardins facilitates online payment of the credit card bill for Desjardins.

To complete payment, you must login to your account.

  • Move to the Billing and Payment section.
  • Click on the Pay Bill tab.
  • Add your current account details like your account number and routing number.
  • Include your bill details.
  • Press the Pay tab to complete the payment process.
  • You can also authorize recurrent monthly payments through the Desjardins credit card

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number?

To make a mail payment, you must send it to…
Desjardins Card Services,
P.O. Box 8601,
Centre-ville Station,
H3C 3V2 (with appropriate coupon).

By phone, you can make your payments by calling (514-CAISSES (514-224-7737)) if you are in the Montreal area. For residents of the United States and anywhere else in Canada other than Montreal, you can call 1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737).

Desjardins Card Benefits

There are different credit cards by Desjardins and each of them provides individual benefits.

Desjardins Student Cash back VISA card
You get 2% from your BONUSDOLLARS.
The credit card does not have an annual fee.
Desjardins Classic VISA credit card
No annual fee
The interest rates are lower than other credit cards in the market
Cash Back VISA credit card
Get 2% for your purchases
Interest rate is 19.9%
Cash Back MasterCard
For trips planned up to 3 days, travel insurance is guaranteed
Cash advances for a 19.9% interest rate for up to $2500
Elegance Gold Bonus VISA credit card
No annual fee
Earn 2% of your purchases in Bonus dollars
Modulo Flexi VISA card
Low interest rates on the amounts
No annual fee credit card
Cash Back Visa and MasterCard card
No annual fee
Earn up to 2% on purchases
Odyssey World Elite MasterCard
Travel insurance facility for 2 months
Earnings of 3% from groceries and for the rest of the purchases, you can earn 2%

Customer Service Number

To find out the customer service number, refer to this link here.

Personal credit cardholders can call the following numbers:

  • Montreal area: 514-Caisses (technical support).
  • Canada and the US: 1-800-224-7737 (Tech Support) and travel assistance: 1-800-465-6390 (toll-free)
  • Outside the United States and Canada: (1-514-875-9170).

For Business you can call the following numbers:

  • Technical Support: Montreal area (514-253-6166)
  • For Canada and the United States: 1-800-465-6390 (Travel insurance) and 1-888-233-2473 (technical support).
  • For people outside the United States and Canada use this telephone number: 1-514-875-9170.


As we detail out a lot about the payment and other processes, reading this blog will help you with most of your credit card-related queries. Since Desjardins has several credit cards, you will need to retrieve the information separately about each. But by referring to this blog, you can gather all the required information from here.


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