DICK’s Credit Card Application – How to Apply Online?

DICK Sporting Goods is a product line that has been in the market since 1948 with its first store in Binghamton, New York. The store sells all kinds of sportswear, outdoor equipment, footwear, and athlete clothing lines.

What is DICK’s credit card application?

The company has a credit card facility and offers one to its buyers. The DICK’s Credit Card application form needs to be filled up for obtaining the DICK’s credit card. The Rewards of Sports credit card and Rewards of Sports Mastercard are the two credit cards that are given by DICK. But your credit scores are calculated and used for granting a credit card to you.

The Rewards of Sports credit card is the first credit card that will be assigned to you. With this credit card, you can only shop from retail brick and mortar stores and can even use it with Field and Stream as well as Golf Galaxy.

The Rewards of Sports Mastercard gets accepted everywhere wherever the Mastercard is accepted.

For both the cards, you can earn a point for every $1 purchase from their retail stores. However, for every $3 spent out of stores, you can earn a point with the Rewards of Sports Mastercard.

How to apply for DICK’s Credit Card Online?

To apply for a DICK’s credit card by their online platform, this is the way you must follow.

Step 1: First, visit the website as given here.

DICK’s credit card application?

Step 2: Click on the Apply Now tab and then fill in the details as seen in the screenshot.

DICK’s application

Step 3: If you do not know your scorecard number, you need to generate it first.

Step 4; The first screen that opens up must be filled inappropriately.

Here you must add your social security number (SSN), your phone number and then fill in the rest of the information.

DICK’s credit card


  1. A good credit score is an initial requirement and 630 and above credit scores are a must for it.
  2. You must be working somewhere with a stable earning source to get a DICK’s credit card.
  3. A social security number is also essential to procure a DICK’s credit card.

Am I Eligible?

If you are a citizen of the United States, you can apply for a credit card. But you also need to be 18 years and above to file for the credit card application.

Annual fee?

There is no annual fee on the DICK’s credit card and has a late payment fee of $40.

Maximum Limit?

The maximum credit limit is $800 for the cards currently that can obviously be raised depending on your credit scores.

How long does it take to get approved?

It usually is given to the person instantly and if not then it takes a day or two to verify the credit scores. Once done the credit card is dispatched at the address provided within 7-10 business days from approval.


Having a credit card from DICK’s is a good idea if you are a frequent sportswear shopper. If you are a sportsperson or a sports enthusiast, the cards are a good way to stay in touch with the latest offers and rewards programs with DICK. The Rewards of Sports Mastercard can be used in any store that accepts a Mastercard so, having one can ease your burden. However, you need to be shopping from DICK regularly to get their credit cards. Read this blog for more information.


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