How to Apply for Discover Student Credit Card Online Step By Step

Things that you must know before getting a Discover card.

As the name suggests, Discover Student Credit Card is for the students. This card is best because you can use this card as a student and know about managing your credit and handling your money. This card has low maintenance and even late fees are not charged for a few delays in monthly payments. 

If you want your own credit card then continue reading the article to know About its benefits, application process, requirements and eligibility. 

How to apply for a Discover student credit card?

Here are some easy steps to apply for a credit card:

Step 1: On your browser, search for the application process of the Discover credit card, and you can see their official website OR You can simply tap on the above apply now button.

Step 2: Now you can see two credit cards, among them choose the student credit card and click on apply now.

credit card discover

Step 3: Choose an attractive design for your credit card.

card design

Step 4: Fill in your personal information

fill form credit card

Step 5: Now read all the information carefully and understand all the terms and conditions.

credit fees

Step 6: Once you are done with everything and are satisfied with it, click on the submit button.

card terms

Now, you have successfully completed the application process for the student credit card.

What are application Requirements?

There are no special requirements to your student credit card, all you need is your student ID and your own email address, you also have to submit your contact number. Once you have submitted these details, you can have your own Discover card

Who is Eligible?

Students who are learning in any college, institute, or university are eligible for getting a student credit card. All you need is a Student’s ID as proof that you are a student.

Annual fees

There are no annual fees on the Discover credit card. Discover student credit card knows that as a student it is hard to give money very soon, as students do not have any fixed income, that is why there are no annual fees on the student credit card.

Credit Limit

There is no credit limit on the student credit card. However, we recommend that even as a student, you must know what a good credit score is and how to maintain that. So we suggest you to have a credit score above 600.

Discover student credit card Benefits

Here are some of the advantages of using a Discover student credit card:

  1. No annual fees
  2. Amazing cash backs
  3. You can use it anywhere
  4. Exclusive offers on things you need to purchase as a student.
  5. You can have your own design of the card
  6. Very low maintenance required


Where can I use my Discover credit card?

Credit card can be used anywhere in the world. It has 99% nationwide use for the places that accept credit cards.

Does student credit cards have foreign transaction fees?

No, Discover Student credit card does not charge any foreign transaction fees.


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