Apply for DTEF Sponsorship online Application 2022

Government sponsorships can help build a better generation ahead. If you wish to benefit from such a program in Botswana, you will need to go through the DTEF sponsorship application. This can resolve many challenges faced by a regular student with limited means.

What is DTEF Sponsorship?

DTEF sponsorships are given to undergraduate students who are willing to pursue their graduate degrees. But those who have already received the grants once will not be entitled to it again. The program grants sponsorship through a general selection process where better candidates have better chances of securing sponsorship. If the department is not happy with your supporting documents they might ask you for more information.

How to Apply for DTEF sponsorship online application 2022?

To apply for the DTEF sponsorship online application 2022, completing the following steps will help.

  1. Download the DTEF sponsorship application from the given link.
  2. Submit the filled application form along with all other necessary documents either hand to hand or via postal mail to the given address:

Department of Tertiary Financing,

Block 6, plot number 37893

Universal Estate, Sephatlhaphatlha Road

  • After DTEF receives the application, they will release an acknowledgment message to you.
  • The organization will thoroughly scrutinize your application alongwith the supporting documents.
  • Once the process is complete, the officials will enter the applicant’s details in the Student Loan Management System (SLMS).
  • A sponsorship letter with the original signatures of the head of division will be issued for the candidate and the same response will be received by the individual within 10 days from that date.

Alternatively, you can also fill out the online form in the process given below.

  1. Create an online account for yourself on the Tertiary Education sponsorship site.
  2. Complete the verification process for your mail.
  3. Press the Apply for sponsorship link and complete the application.
  4. Attach or tag relevant documents and then submit the application form.

What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the DTEF sponsorship online application 2022 include the furnishing of a few documents and meeting some eligibility criteria.

Furnishing essential documents:

  1. BGCSE result copy or anything equivalent to it.
  2. You will need to provide an admission letter copy with your program details alongwith its duration.
  3. To prove your identity, you must either furnish a National Identity Card (Omang) or produce a birth certificate when you can prove you are below 16 years of age.
  4. If your name is different in your academic, birth, and National identity card, you will need to submit it alongside an affidavit from the commissioner of oaths.
  5. When your surname in your academic certificate is different from your Omang, you will need to submit an official confirmation of the same.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility requirements for DTEF sponsorship online application 2022

  1. You will need to be a permanent citizen of Botswana.
  2. Eligible candidates must be completing their studies before they turn 35 years old.
  3. A minimum of 36 points is a must for candidates in their BGCSE exams or their equivalent.
  4. You must maintain 36 points for your main subjects and a minimum of 31 points for the OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children)/RAC (Remote Area
    Communities)/SEN (Special Educational Needs) applicants.
  5. You must not have previous government sponsorship benefits beforehand.

DTEF Sponsorship Application Benefits

DTEF sponsorship applications will allow applicants to co-ordinate with different sponsorship award criteria. This process in return will allow students to get a seat in some of the most reputed and accredited organizations across Botswana of their choice.

Right now sponsorships are entertained by the following organization types.

  1. The local public and private tertiary institutions allow the sponsorship schemes.
  2. Regional and overseas external organizations that have a good name would also allow students to get enrollment.

Is DTEF sponsorship open 2022?

Yes, the DTEF sponsorship program is currently open for the year 2022 from the 4th of July.

What is DTEF sponsorship 2022 deadline?

The DTEF Sponsorship online 2022 last date is 12th August 2022.


Here is all that you need to know about the DTEF sponsorship application and is for those who plan to apply for it. If you do not understand any part of the application process, refer to this article to fill up your application form.


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