New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program NYC: How to Apply

The New York State Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) is being started from June 1, 2021, for New Yorkers who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020.

According to this program, rent relief up to 12 months of past-due rent and three additional months of rental assistance will be provided to the residents of New York.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program NYC

What is Emergency Rental Assistance Program NYC?

The first announcement about ERAP was announced in April this year. According to the survey conducted by Household Pulse Survey, 43% of New Yorkers are almost standing at the verge of eviction from their rented properties due to non-payment of rent since the last couple of months.

Out of the 43%, 6% are White, while the remaining belong to the communities of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. The best thing about this program is that even immigrants without legal status can be eligible to apply for rental assistance.

Who is eligible for ERAP Application?

Following are the eligible criterias to be fulfilled by those seeking the Emergency Rental Assistance Program NYC:

  • Those New York residents whose overall household gross income is less than or equal to 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI).
  • New Yorkers who got unemployment benefits, faced reduction in income, went through severe financial hardships, or incurred financial losses directly or indirectly due to Covid-19 on or after March 13, 2020.
  • The applicants have a rental agreement which obliges them to pay rent and that this rental property is their primary residence.
  • They have rent overdue from a period on or after March 13, 2020.
  • The applicant is at the risk of being evicted from their residence or experiencing homelessness.

ERAP Application NYC Requirements?

The New York State ERAP Application NYC requirements are as follows:

  • Providing personal identification for all household members is essential. Applicants can provide photo ID, driver’s license, birth certificate, school registrations, EBT/Benefits Card, etc.
  • Social security number.
  • Proof of rental amount signed lease. Other than this, tenants can also furnish rent receipt, money orders, canceled checks, or landlord attestation.
  • Signed lease, rent receipt, utility bills, school records, bank statements, postal mail, insurance bill, or driver’s license will act as proof of residency and occupancy.
  • For proof of income, applicants will have to provide bank account deposit verification, unemployment benefits letter, pay slips, etc. Other than this, the W-2 tax form, copy of filed income tax return like 1040, 1040 EZ, 1099 tax form, or annual statement of earnings will be considered valid.

How to Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance?

When you want to apply for Rental assistance program, you can click the link here. This will take you to the ERAP application site where you can click on the “Apply Here Now” button. Then, you will have to register on the platform and start filing a new application.

New applicants would need to provide their basic details, furnish details of the entire household, state their Covid-19 hardships, declare details about their income, lease, rent, and other relevant things. Then, they will need to upload all documents in PDF, JPG, JPEG, and/or PNG format having file size less than 4 MB.

How long will the Application process take?

The applications will be quickly processed; however, the funds may be held up to 180 days in case it is difficult to track the landlord.

What can rental assistance cover or benefits of rental assistance?

Benefits of the NEW YORK STATE Rental Assistance is as follows:

  • Rental arrears up to 12 months will be paid for households whose rents have accrued on or after March 13, 2020, to the landlords on behalf of the tenants
  • Three months additional rental assistance will be provided if the household is found to be spending 0% or more of their annual gross monthly income on rents.
  • Electric or gas utility arrears payments will also be cleared for those who have had billing arrears since March 13, 2020.

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