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The e-pass was active even in the month of January 2022. Different kinds of colored passes and night passes were available to everyone during the lockdown periods.

With Delhi going under lockdown for 6 days from 21st April to 26th April, the government this time has issued a scheme wherein they would be issuing special passes called epass Janta samvad Delhi to all those who need to travel out of their homes during the night curfew. You need to obtain this e-pass from the Delhi government official website and those who must apply to, include the groceries, fruits, vegetables, and milk plus medication vendors in short. 

What is epass janta samvad application?

One can get the e-pass from the Delhi police portal. Starting from high court and Supreme Court officials, a pregnant woman (on the production of doctor certificate), people going and coming from railways on the production of tickets, health and family welfare officials, oxygen and medicine suppliers, all judiciary bodies and essential workers would be exempted from using the e-pass on producing a valid ID card of their own.

But vendors to grocers, home delivery boys, electronic, print media, cold storage, warehousing, private security personnel, and banks, insurance people, shops dealing with animal husbandry, pharmacy owners all need to mandatorily have an e-pass.

How to check the epass application status Delhi?

To check your e-pass application status Delhi, follow the below processes,

  1. Move to epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init/
  2. Select the language.
  3. Now include the 7-character e-pass ID to check the status.
  4. Press the check status option.
  5. Further, click on the submit button for the Delhi e-pass application status.
  6. The Delhi.gov.in application status will come alive in a moment for you to check.

Apply for Epass Janta Samvad application form online

Follow the below instructions if you are planning to fill up the application form for applying online for e-pass Delhi. 

Visit epass.jantasamvad.org Delhi.

  1. You would next be asked to choose your language from English & Hindi to proceed. Choose your preferred language and click on the proceed button.
  2. Choose e-pass for travel during night curfew from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am & weekend curfew.
  3. Click on submit button and then wait for the processing to complete.
  4. Enter your complete name, district, contact number and also upload a valid government ID (Aadhar/Voter/PAN/Driving License/Passport).
e-pass seva
epass seva
  1. If you have a letter from an employer or an establishment stating that you must be permitted for work, you would need to submit that as well.
  2. Click on the e-pass submit button post which an epass will be generated.

How to use epass?

Using it is simple, you just need to flash your card every time you’re traveling from 10:00 pm to 05:00 am anytime and also if you are traveling during the weekends.

People who will be allowed to travel without this card include those who already have some government-issued ID card with them like admit card, officials of GNCT of Delhi/Autonomous bodies/ corporations, and those in emergency services. 

 Features epass janta samvad Delhi?

Several features of the ePass Janta Samvad Delhi includes;

  1. People who do home delivery of goods can register themselves through the e-pass to carry on orders and distributions.
  2. E-passes are issued also to delivery boys and vendors of all sorts.
  3. From the +91-11-23978046 helpline you can get the Corona details very easily along with e-pass status.
  4. To get the e-pass you need to be dealing in essential goods and items.


Here is all about the epass of the Janta Samvad application process and features. You can also learn the way in which you can use the site for your benefit from this article.


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