How to Apply for First PREMIER credit card application?

First Premier Bank is moving ahead with people’s applications even if their FICO scores are not proper. They believe in providing a second chance and that is why it comes out as a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to build their credit scores. For applying with them, your other parameters will be considered compared to your FICO scores.

Thus, chances are high if your debt habits and your income match their requirements, you might get a chance to have a credit card to build on your credit scores. They can provide you with a second chance to come up with your credit scores.

There are six credit cards that you can get from them and they are;

  1. Premier Bank MasterCard
  2. Secured credit card
  3. Gold credit card
  4. Classic cards
  5. Forward card
  6. First Premier Bank credit card

If you want to know more about its fees and its structures, you can refer to this table for it.

Annual FeesRanges from $50-$125
Credit Limit$300
Purchase APRExcept for the Premier Bank Secured credit card (19.9%) all of their credit cards stand at 36%
Balance Transfer APRExcept for the Premier Bank Secured credit card (19.9%) all of their credit cards stand at 36%
Minimum Required Credit ScoreNo recommended credit history
Security DepositExcept for the secured credit card ($200) none other requires a security deposit

How to apply for First PREMIER credit card application?

To apply for a First Premier credit card, you must use the following way.

Step 1- You have to add your name, email address, and cell phone number in the first part of the application.

first premier credit card

Step 2- You will need to authorize them for correspondence and add your home address, and date of birth in the next segment.

First Premier apply credit card

Step 3- Next add your social security number, annual income, and employer details.

online apply First Premier

Step 4- Read the terms and conditions and then press on the Submit application tab to complete the application process.

Apply here first Premier

What are application requirements?

You will qualify if you satisfy the following requirements;

  1. If you live in New York or Wisconsin.
  2. Do not hold a permanent address in the United States or its adjoining locations.
  3. You cannot be less than 18 if you want to acquire a credit card.
  4. No valid social security number.
  5. Your gross annual income is not a minimum of $10000.
  6. Your savings are not enough to pay for your assets and obligations.

Who is eligible for first premier credit card?

Your eligibility will depend on the following conditions;

  1. You already possess a First Premier credit card account for yourself or you have one in the pipeline.
  2. You had a PREMIER account that was bankrupted 36 months before this application.
  3. Your identity cannot be verified as per the PATRIOT or FACT act.
  4. Your scoring requirements do not even meet the minimum value
  5. You are engaged in military professions.

Card Pros

  1. You can get credit score building facilities once again.
  2. You can qualify even with a bad credit score.
  3. Most of their credit cards do not require a security deposit.

Card Cons

Cons will include the following points:

  1. There are no rewards and no bonus rewards.
  2. Membership fees are high for credit cards.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does First PREMIER credit card have cash advance?

Yes, First PREMIER credit cards have the cash advance option.

Does First PREMIER credit card have an app?

Yes, the First PREMIER credit cards have an app that you can explore.

Can you use First PREMIER credit card right away?

You have to wait for your credit card to arrive and you cannot use it soon after being approved.

Can you use First PREMIER credit card anywhere?

It depends on the type of credit card you have taken from First Premier. If your credit card is a MasterCard or if you have permission to use it anywhere, you can do so.

But, if you have one of their credit cards that do not have permission for being used anywhere else, in such a situation, you will not be able to use it anywhere else.

Does First PREMIER credit card report credit bureaus?

Yes, it reports to all three major credit bureaus that is almost enough for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy credit score.


All that you need to know about credit cards is given in this segment and if you wish to take one of their credit cards, do read this post thoroughly. You must have a control over your credit scores and if you wish to gain back the control, you must use the Premier credit card diligently.


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