Ford Credit Card login & Pay Bill Payment

The Ford Credit card is an all-purpose credit card that helps people manage everything through this credit card whenever they are in any Ford outlets. If you are here then definitely you also have their card and are willing to access the credit card account. Don’t worry here we have shared the detailed registration to login process and also the payment process. So lets start with the login guide.

How to do Ford Credit Card login?

If you want to login to the Ford online account, register an account with them first.

To do Ford credit card login, here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Visit the Ford credit card login portal by clicking on the sign-in button given below.

Step 2: Now press the sign-in tab and add your email as username and password alongside.

Step 3: Press the sign-in option to complete signing into your account.

ford credit card

Step 4: If you are not registered, you must first register with them. To register, click on the create an account tab.

Step 5: Creating the account is easy with Ford, add your email address, complete the verification of the email, and create a password.

ford credit card login

Step 6: Once a mail is sent to your account, you must click on the verify tab to complete the process.

How to Pay Ford Credit Card bill?

To pay the Ford credit card bill, you must follow the below process.

  1. Visit the page link provided here and sign in to your account.
  2. Visit the payment tab from the link and then press the Make My Payment option.
  3. Choose the payment method and add your current account details (account and routing number) and then press the Pay the bill option.

How to Pay Ford Credit Card with a Credit Card?

For paying through a credit card, you must have already added the card to your Ford account.

  1. After moving to the Payment option, click on the Pay my bill tab.
  2. Choose a credit card as the method of payment instead of going for a current account.
  3. Select the credit card you have already saved in your Ford account to make the payment.

Payment Phone Number?

To make the payments, you must use the phone number given here- 1 800 334 1161.

  1. Call the above number and enter the end four digits of the SSN/ITIN when asked by the automatic voice messaging system.
  2. Punch in your bank account and routing number when instructed to do so.
  3. Confirm the payment amount and also add the due date for the payment to complete the process.

Mailing Address?

  • If you have a credit card bill statement, you can send the payment to the address mentioned in the statement.
  • Bills without a statement, can be sent to Ford Motor Credit Company, PO BOX 650575, Dallas, TX 75265-0575.
  • If you are a TRAC or a combined credit card user, you can send the bill amount to the following address: Ford Motor Credit Company, PO BOX 650573, Dallas, TX 75265-0573.

Customer Service Number

  1. The Ford credit card customer service number is 1-800-727-7000.
  2. The ordinary Ford credit card customer support number is 800-392-3673.

Can I pay my ford car payment with a credit card?

Yes, you can pay My Ford credit card payment bill with a credit card and even a debit card.

Can I Pay Ford Credit Card in store?

You can pay credit card bills online, through wire transfer, payroll deduction for Ford employees, telephone, and mail.


Here’s a bit about the My Ford credit card payment and login process. If you are also willing to learn more about these processes, you can check the log from here.


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