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Ford is a car-making company that is into producing technologically advanced vehicles and provides its users with a credit card facility. A Service credit card is all you need whenever you are in a Ford facility whether you are there to conduct repairing or maintenance of your car or wish to purchase a new car.

How to Apply for Ford Service Credit Card Application?

Step 1: Visit the Ford Service Credit Card official Website by clicking on the button given below.

Step 2: Now if you already have an account with them then sign in otherwise click on Create an account.

ford service credit card
  1. Now Enter your working email address & Click on Request Email Button
  2. A mail with a confirmation link will be sent to your provided email. Click on it and confirm the address. Now create the user password that’s it.

Step 3- Now sign in with your login details. You can either continue without prefilling or with pre-fill.

Ford Service credit card

Step 4: The Ford credit card is available with the following designs. Choose one for yourself to move ahead and then move ahead with the Next button.

Ford credit card

Step 5: Add the Ford Pass member number, your name, and address details. Include your contact information and then click on the Next tab.

Ford’s application process

Step 6: Add your financial details here.

Ford’s credit card application

Step 7: Add your social security number, birth date, and mother’s maiden name here.

Ford’s credit card apply

Step 8: In the next step, review your application process and then submit the application form after agreeing to the term by checking the box.

apply here

If you choose to prefill, then your account details will get synced and auto-populated in the given sections.


Few requirements for Ford’s application process are;

  1. Social security number
  2. Your annual income details aside from your monthly income.
  3. You must be 18 years of age, a major primarily at the time of application.
  4. Your mother’s maiden name must be incorporated in the given segment and you must know it.

Who is Eligible

Whoever is eligible for the Ford service credit card must have the following conditions fulfilled.

  1. Anyone who regularly visits Ford might apply for a credit card.
  2. The minimum credit score that you must have needs to be 650-680 or more than that.

Annual Fees

The annual fees of the credit card are zero.

Credit Limit

The credit limit for the Ford service credit card is fixed differently and each person is assessed individually for their creditworthiness.

Ford Service Credit card Benefits

There are several benefits of having a Ford credit card.

  1. 10% back for the points you have through the Ford service.
  2. 5% for Ford dealership purchases.
  3. Avail of 3% off for gas, auto insurance, and tolls, dining and parking services.
  4. 1% can be received back for every purchase you make.

APR in the beginning six months is 0%.

Where can I use My Ford service credit card?

You can’t use the My Ford service credit card anywhere else since it is neither a VISA nor a MasterCard.

Can I apply for a Ford service credit card online?

Yes, you can apply for a Ford Service credit card online.


Here are a few details about the Ford credit card, for more information read the article.


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