Ford Service Credit Card Login & Pay Bill

How to do Ford Service Credit Card Login?

For the Ford service card login, follow the below process;

Step 1: Go to the Ford credit card login webpage portal.

Step 2: Add the email for your username and also the password assigned to your site.

Step 3: Press the sign-in tab to login.

Ford Service Credit Card payment

Step 4: If you want to register and do not yet have an account, press on the create an account option.

Step 5: Include your email address, fulfill the email verification step, and create a password.

Credit Card payment

How to make Ford Service Credit Card Payment?

The payment can be done in any of the following ways;

  1. Online Ford service credit card payment.
  2. Credit/debit card payment
  3. Mail or telephone payments is also possible for the Ford Service card.
  4. You can also pay through wire transfer.

Pay by Phone

You can take the automated voice messenger commands by calling the given number: 1 800 334 1161.

  1. Add your SSN/ITIN.
  2. Bank account and routing number
  3. Confirm the payment amount and the due date

The amount will be deducted from your account and the same will be intimated to you.

Mailing Address

If you have received a billing statement you will be given an address where you can reach out for completing the billing.

If you do not have a statement, address your check or cash to the address given here:

Ford Motor Credit Company,
PO BOX 650575, Dallas,
TX 75265-0575

Customer Service Number

To reach the Ford credit card customer service number is 1-800-727-7000. The ordinary Ford credit card customer support number can be reached at 800-392-3673


To conclude, it can be said that there are a few essential stuff one must know before applying for a credit card. All such information is summed up here for your reference.


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