Formal Letter to editor of newspaper against difficult question paper

It is said that question papers or exams are the true tests of checking the student’s ability. But it’s not true. Because some question paper setters set questions according to their knowledge and not even look at the syllabus. Due to which questions appear in the papers from out of syllabus.

So, today’s article is on a Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper against a difficult question paper. This letter is helpful for students. They can write this letter to the editor of the newspaper complaining against difficult question paper.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper against difficult question paper

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Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper against difficult question paper

P 10, Mai Harnam Kaur Gate,

May 15, 20…

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


Kindly permit me to express my views about a difficult question paper in the columns of your newspaper.

Some paper-setters set the question paper to find out what the students do not know. They try to satisfy their own whims and they do not follow the guidelines given in the syllabus. They try to play practical jokes on the examinees. I have before me the question paper in watery for the B.A. Part (II) Students of Jammu University. I really wonder if the examiner was clear about the framework within which he was working. This course includes the Moghul and the British period of the history of India.

The entire syllabus is divided into topics to facilitate the study of the subject. The examiner seems to have completely ignored the syllabus. Besides, the division of the questions is not properly balanced. Perhaps either the examiner had no liking for the Moghuls or he thought they never existed, for I hardly find any question about them.

Examinees must not be made to suffer for the lapse of the paper-setter. It would be in the fitness of things if examinees are awarded grace marks for those questions set out of the prescribed syllabus in proportion to the marks secured by them in the rest of the questions.

Yours faithfully,

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This is all about a Letter to the editor explaining the difficult question paper.

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