Formal Letter to editor of newspaper appealing help for flood Victims

Flood is one of the natural disasters that occur naturally. It is directly related to rainfall, if rain falls in excess in some areas then flood occurs. Its effects are horrible. Soon after the flood, there is a danger of an epidemic of many diseases like cholera, malaria, etc. We should help the flood-affected victims. In this letter below through the editor of the newspaper, a person is appealing to other people to come forward to help the flood-affected victims. It is a “Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper appealing help for Flood Victims”

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper appealing help for flood Victims

Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper appealing help for Flood Victims

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.

9 May 2021


I shall consider it a great favor if you kindly publish the miserable condition of the cyclone-stricken people of Andhra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala in the columns of your paper and also issue an appeal for help and funds for these hard-hit people

The cyclone has caused a terrible loss to the villagers living near the sea.

A good number of villages have been swept away. Standing crops have been totally mined. Moreover, the flood-stricken people are passing their days in trees. They are without food, clothing, and also without shelter. In certain villages, many families cannot be traced. In many cases children are without parents and parents are without children. The total loss of life has come to about 70 thousand and the number of cattle that were killed as well as washed away runs into millions. It has been estimated that crops worth two crore rupees have also been destroyed.

As regards the property, the conditions are still worse. Numberless houses and huts have been washed away by water. Had not the volunteers of the Provincial Relief Committees reached in time and provided food to the people there would have been many more deaths. The Indian Army, too, rendered a yeoman’s service.

These agencies have saved many precious lives and relieved the distress of many men and women Their services deserve praise from every lip I have seen the scene of death and destruction during my last visit to Andhra.

The funds at the disposal of volunteers are not sufficient to meet the requirements of the victims. I would, therefore, suggest to you to start a Relief fund and make an appeal to the charitable and noble-minded people to come to the rescue of these unfortunate victims of the cyclone. I am sure the public will generously contribute to this fund.

With thanks.

Yours truly,
Ram Chand.

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This is all about a Letter to the editor of a newspaper appealing for help for Flood Victims.

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