Formal letter to editor of newspaper complain breakdown in power supply

Breakdown in power supplies is now becoming common in India. There are many places where there is no supply of electricity. This is all due to corruption in India that these breakdowns in electricity occurs. There are many reasons for these breakdowns. But if you also faced the same problem in your locality and want to complain to the editor of the newspaper.

Formal letter to editor of newspaper complain breakdown in power supply

Then here is a “letter to the editor of newspaper complaint breakdown in power supply” for you. These types of letters also asked in exams.

Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper complains breakdown in power supply in your locality.

20, Shastrinagar,

10th May 2021

The Editor The Nav Times,


It is highly regretful to say that the Electricity Department of the Municipality is not performing its duty properly. The shedding of light and power breakdown has become a common feature of this department. Our locality is an industrial one. New industries are daily springing up. Frequent breakdown of power is causing great harm to these infant industries.

Last time this break-down continued for about a month. It was said that a transformer was burnt in the nearby sub-station. The electricity supplied by Nangal Power House was cut. The authorities of Patiala Municipality and Punjab Electricity Board accused each other of negligence. However, the burnt transformer was replaced and the supply was brought to normal.

But the breakdown is still continuing. Sometimes it lasts for three to four hours at a stretch. I am at a loss to understand what is the reason for this menace.

Through your esteemed paper, I draw the attention of the authorities and request them to look into the matter.

Yours truly,
Akash Verma

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This is all about “A letter to the editor of a newspaper complaining about the frequent breakdown in power supply in your locality”.

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