Letter to editor of newspaper complaining adulteration of food stuffs

Food adulteration means adulterating food by adding some other substances in food which lowers the quality of food. Mostly all the foodstuff is adulterated now. It’s a very rare chance that you will get pure foodstuffs. The Below article is a Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper complaining about the adulteration of foodstuff in the market of your town.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper complaining adulteration of food stuffs

Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper complaining adulteration of foodstuffs

60 Model Town,

5th June, 202…..

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,

Dear Sir,

I shall be grateful if you allow me a little space in your most esteemed paper to complain about the adulteration of food-stuffs in the market of our town.

Adulteration has become the order of the day. It has gone into the very root of society. It is well-nigh impossible to buy pure articles, particularly the foodstuffs from the market. In fact, the shopkeepers play havoc with the lives of innocent customers. They adulterate milk with water, mix barley with wheat, sand, and dust with sugar also. In fact, there is adulteration in everything in foodgrains, milk, tea, leaves, cereals, and pulses, in salt, chilies, and even in medicines. The result is that people are suffering from one disease or another. Their health is deteriorating. Moreover, the nation as a whole is suffering terribly. Unless the foodstuffs, medicines are pure, our physical health is not possible.

Adulteration is a sin as well as a crime. In fact, It is a standing blot on the fair name of India which was known for its purity in food, morality, and character in the past. Therefore, adulteration is the worst enemy of society. Just to earn a few silver coins he indulges in such a dirty practice and does indescribable harm to the society of which he is a part and parcel. He has no normal value and national character. In fact, Such a criminal must be taken to task.

There is no doubt that our Government has enacted the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. But the punishment, awarded to an adulterator, is only a tine of a few hundred rupees or short term of simple imprisonment which is not adequate. In many cases, the adulterators are let off with a warning only. What is that punishment must be exemplary.

These butchers of society must be made to realize the immorality of their actions. In the first place, a stern warning should be given to them. If they do not give up this evil practice, they should be publicly flogged. If even then, they continue indulging in adulteration, they should be heavily lined and sentenced to a long term of rigorous imprisonment and If the crime is really serious, they should be hanged. No leniency should be shown to them. They are the traitors of the worst type. They should be socially boycotted.

Strong diseases need strong and immediate remedies. We have already suffered a lot at the hands of these criminals. let there be no delay on the part of the society and the Government to adopt effective measures to eradicate this social and national crime. Moreover, Some of the shopkeepers or hoarders in our market are so clever that they dupe and deceive even the inspectors who come to check the foodstuff. They grease the palm of the peons and the officials and managers to go Scot free. How sad it is!

The need of the hour is that the food inspectors should not allow themselves to be bought by these enemies of society. They should be strict and impartial and should rise above temptation. In this gigantic task people’s co-operation is equally necessary; they should immediately report the defaulters to the police or the food inspectors who should bring them to book.

Yours faithfully,

This is all about “A Letter to the Editor about complaining adulteration of foodstuffs”.

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