Formal letter to Editor of Newspaper complaining nuisance of loud-speaker

Today, we all like to listen to music on loudspeakers. But loudspeaker also creates a nuisance. It also increases noise pollution. The loudspeaker plays an important role in increasing noise pollution and we all know the side effects of Noise-pollution. It creates a lot of heart diseases as well as also increases our mental stress. Listening to music on loudspeakers is not good for health. It can also affect the health of patients if there is a hospital around you.

Formal letter to Editor of Newspaper complaining nuisance of loud-speaker

Religious places also use loudspeakers. It can also affect the study of the students. If someone uses a loudspeaker in your area then, you can complain against them. You can write a complain letter to the editor of the newspaper. If you don’t know how to write a letter. Read this article carefully, I will tell you how to write Formal letter to Editor of Newspaper complaining nuisance of loud-speaker. Hope you this letter will be helpful for you.

So, Let’s start the letter

Formal letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining about the loud-speaker nuisance in your locality.

The Editor,

The Times of India,

New Delhi.


I want to draw the attention of the authorities to the growing nuisance caused by the loudspeakers in Nehru Place. All religious places put loudspeakers on the roofs. The volume is let high too. These are examination days of students also. In fact, students feel disturbed by the ‘Bhajans’ being broadcast by the speakers. The volume should be kept low for patients and workers also. It is better if loud-speakers are banned during examination days. I hope the authorities will look into the matter.

Yours truly,

Sumit Bhasin

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So, learners, this is all about how to write a formal letter to the Editor of the Newspaper for complaining about Loud speaker nuisance .

Thank you


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