Formal Letter to editor of newspaper discussing causes of unemployment

As we know, the problem of unemployment is increasing day by day. There are many causes of unemployment. Some of them are given below in the article. It is a “Formal Letter to editor of newspaper discussing causes of unemployment”.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper discussing causes of unemployment

Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper Discussing Causes of Unemployment

Examination Hall,
……. Centre,

15th September 202…

The Editor,
The Indian Express,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I shall feel obliged if you allow me a little space in your widely circulated paper to draw the attention of the public to the causes and curse of the problem of unemployment prevalent in the country.

It is a pity that the problem of unemployment has not been solved so far. There are three types of unemployment: educated unemployment, unemployment, and under the employment of the agriculture classes, and unemployment of the unskilled labor in the industrial sector. Seasonal unemployment is caused by the fact that farmers and agriculturists remain unemployed for a great part of the year after the harvest season.

In fact, unemployment is a curse on society, a blot on humanity, and a potential danger to the stability of the country. Many employed persons join the army of the unemployed and indulge in anti-social and destructive activities.

In view of the above, it is the duty of the government to provide work and at least living wages to its citizens. In fact, The right to work is the fundamental right of all citizens.

There are several reasons for the growing unemployment in the country. In the first instance, our educational system is outdated and does not fulfill the socio-economic needs of the country. It is completely divorced from the realities of life also. What is needed is that some job-oriented courses must be introduced. Moreover, educational planning should be streamlined so that the number of graduates and undergraduates should be in proportion to the jobs available in a year. This has not been looked into during the last Five-Year-Plans.

Really speaking, unemployment is a complicated problem and no one remedy can solve it. It must be dealt with on all fronts. The development of cottage and small-scale industries should be given priority over the large-scale industries. This will provide employment to a large number of skilled and unskilled laborers. Large scale industries also are organized that they may absorb the maximum manpower.

Then there should be schemes for self-employment. Some of the states have made elaborate schemes in this respect to provide immediate employment to the vocationally and technically trained hands. The Government provides the know-how of the industry started by a skilled hand and also helps him in purchasing up-to-date machinery on the hire purchase system.

Another cause of unemployment is the growing population which must be checked. Every year 15 million souls are born in our country. This is called “population explosion” and it has made the unemployment problem all the more acute. So the masses should be made aware of the advantages of a limited family.

Lastly, society should be based on a socialistic pattern. The state should take over all the means of production and distribution. In the socialistic states, there is no unemployment. It is only in the capitalistic countries where we find unemployment. Socialism does not breed unemployment. Thus we need today’s socialistic pattern of society, scientific knowledge, and vocational and technical training to put an end to unemployment. Unless unemployment is uprooted completely, we cannot build a welfare state in India.

Yours truly,

This is all about a Letter to the editor of the newspaper discussing the causes of unemployment.

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